Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hmmm... Gotta figure out how to avoid those imps...

Well, a quick update, nonetheless:

-- Alchemy to 38 and the test item already turned in. Smithing to 11.

-- Did a lot of Campaign and associated, and Siren now has the four Northlands zones and Fiat Lux is open.

HOWEVER: Some brave idiot at Square-Enix put two true-sight Imps on the bridge of Castle Zvahl Baileys (S) and there's *no way around them*!!

So, after getting my XP back from the latest attempt, I'll try again to get to the Keep and the Throne Room tonight.

-- Scored two Polearm merits, now up to 4. Want to max out Polearm merits before the level cap starts going up.

-- Magians: Doing dagger for the OAT one, about 180/400 for the Arcana part, then 300 Hippogryphs (eek!!), and then a decision -- the easier and longer way, or the shorter but much harder way...

-- Probable schedule for the transfer: After the Conquest update next week, make sure the May fees have actually been billed (so I pay for the transfer in June, and Abyssea in July), then, if won, grab the Allied Ring, and then hopefully be able to transfer back to Leviathan (with limited malice for Siren, more because the server is rank unplayable most of the time) in time for Lengendary's Sunday Dynamis run.

Yeah, I'd like to take some cool Shadow Lord gear back with me, but...

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Anonymous said...

SE had that Magian's discussion thing on their website link to FFXIclopedia's website with translations.

I just faceslamed my desk when I saw the line about adding more quest chains to the weapon upgrades.

Great, I thought my solo level grinding spree's were rough. Now I have more weapon level grinding coming this summer.

Why does SE have to make some weather effect bull on my smn staff paths! /cry