Sunday, April 4, 2010

*cough* *sputter* *wheeze* *puke*

Good news: I'm in Las Vegas for a few days.

Good news: I'm getting a mental break while my roommate gets some P&Q.

Good news: I have wireless, and a $30 room and $3 wireless is not bad, a block from the Strip.

Bad news: I literally have 3-4 second lag between entering a command and it executing -- the wireless is that -- damn -- slow.

So, no real end-game stuff til I return late Thursday night (returning earlier in the evening, roomie working Thursday night)...

BUT, in the spirit of making lemonade:

It gives me the opportunity to work on some levelling that I would probably be too busy with Magians or waiting for Nyzul/Assaults, etc. and so forth... -- and it needs to be done. 2 months or so, and the level cap goes up the first group...

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