Sunday, November 29, 2009

Extensions from my remarks of earlier today...

Six hours later, and still pissed off!!

I'm now certain that run was sabotaged. I have 2-3 suspects, none of whom Moira...

I forgot we also had agged the Rampart and a Mousse as well.

So we agged no less than NINE unnecessary monsters in about seven minutes (counting time in the lobby!), and this cunt wants to scream at me for using the Fireflies, knowing this run is a dump???

FUCK YOU!!! Three are dead, a fourth is about to go, a fifth is reraised already, and I'm taking agg for trying to help out one of the dead.

There is no way you bluntly agg the entire zone unless you openly are desiring to sabotage the run. And this was supposed to be a SEMI-STEALTH floor, last I checked!!


adam westwood said...

no one gives a fuck you faggot

Starcade, now from Siren said...

Say it to my face, bitch. Come to Riverside, California, and say it to my face.

I'll make you give a fuck in that case.