Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A VERY interesting Tuesday...

May not need to do Week in Review at this rate!

So, we begin back in Gusgen, just after the maintenance, and 16-20 people already fighting for all the drops.

But, at least at THAT number, I get three drops (a third in case of more breakage), and then change to my MNK 62 to farm some dark crystals to try again for the Fine Parchment.


Then, the moment of truth... Synthing everything together... Fingers and toes crossed...


So I'm out of that monstrosity.

The Avatar fights are interesting, if I don't goof around and lose 10K of my full buffer on my DRG to finish four of them and get caught by a couple of the new NMs. *grumble*

After that, it's Pankration/picture time, and I got the Blubber Eyes, the Royal Leech, and the Robber Crab.

And I notice something up top as I'm getting this done -- the Delta Sahagin who's usually behind the Ornamented Door. So I get some Steps up as /DNC and try to pull him down.

First try: Not good. Had EIGHT low-level Sahagin on my ass. Eventually dispatched them all with little incident.

Second try: Better, but no cigar. One higher-level opponent.

Third try: SUCCESS -- and the DRG Testimony drops!!!

So it's not only on the Gustav Tunnel NIN fight on Shantotto Ascension (tomorrow), but (more immediately) off to the Chamber of Oracles with my fully merited DRG.

Here's the entire fight:

Sleep to 100 TP with the Opo-opo.

Eat Sole Sushi.

Activate Blink Band.

Call Wyvern.

Proceed to the battle circle.

One hit.

Penta Thrust/Flame Breath for about 1,000 on Maat.

Maat Calls Wyvern after saying that'll hurt in the morning.

He hits me about two times. I decide to Jump and High Jump, and, a couple more hits later, a non-competitive fight ends.




:) A very interesting Tuesday indeed.


Kimiko said...

Congrats man!

Starcade, now from Siren said...


Yes, I know, fully merited 75 and all, but I still expected SOME resistance from the ol' fart.