Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Week of Change in the Air

Whether you choose to believe in it or not is an exercise to the individual reader...

73 DNC (almost 74), 26 SAM

Fowling Earring and Warwolf Belt, the major regular gear additions...

Sunday Dynamis (Leviathan): Ice. Previously discussed.

Final Leviathan Dynamis Wednesday: Sandy. Win. And then, in one of the three pulls for farming before time expired, I win the BST pants. 3/5 BST AF2.

Assaults: First completion of Golden Salvage, and finally got promoted out of Private Second Class.


If the first couple of days are any indication, it's night and day, because it's clear that there are more players than just this old curmudgeon who aren't going to accept all the bullshit which has polluted FFXI. We'll see how it goes...

I got some Assaults done already, have done two Besiegeds (ProTip: One of the reasons Siren has never lost is, if something needs people's attention, it's communicated to the entire damn field!!)...

What a concept!!! (BTW, I tried that both on Asura and on Leviathan...)

So, anyway, 75 DNC this week, starting meriting that thing, and we'll go from there to get ready for the update.

Goals, if I can find people willing:

CoP (still on 4-2)
Zilart (have never really started it)
ToaU (On Puppet in Peril, and now have all the Assault portals)
WotG (Battle of Jeuno/Nation on the Brink)

and we'll go from there. I figure, if things are as we expect them for WotG, there will be a lot more demand for that stuff in a few days.

Today will be unusual. First time in 10 1/2 months that I won't have a scheduled Dynamis at about 12 noon-12:30 PST (yes, remember to set your clocks back!). I wish Kiana and Lengendary well -- can't say too many bad words about them, except for the occasional sloppiness (and Kiana spoke to that more than often ;) ).

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