Sunday, November 29, 2009

What did Edward Elric once say?

"There's so many asses that I have to kick!!"

Someone just added their name to the "deck on sight" list.

Moira, show up near me, you're on the ground.

Shoot off your mouth at me like that again, doubly so.

I don't care if you do level 60 Nyzul runs in five minutes. I don't fucking care, twat!!

Shoot off your mouth to me, and it will be a fight.


So how did this monstrosity start?

Pickup 16-20 Nyzul group, blah blah blah.

We don't get one floor.

16 was a "specified enemy" Qiqirn floor with the added penalty of any detection by Archaic Gears was a 60-second penalty.

Within seven minutes: We have three of the six dead, a fourth is weakened but reraised, a fifth is about to die, and I'm drawing agg too. We've agged a Bomb King, THREE sets of gears (three minute penalty), a Hellion, two Bouncing Balls...

We've basically agged the entire fucking floor, and this bitch twat decides it wants to shoot it's mouth off and call us all newbs.

FUCK YOU. And if you don't like it, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Show up in Riverside, California and back it up.


I'd do a weekly update, but I am far too pissed off for it, and that's saying something.


Volkai said...

Pick-up Nyzul Isle I would not recommend. Too much opportunity for things to go wrong.

Static group (or at least semi-static) is the way to go.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

Especially with the lowering populations, though, you have to take what you can get.

You're right -- let's not dispute that.