Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It isn't just me either...

All Worlds Emergency Maintenance for another hour yet as I wake up from yesterday's debacle!!

But I want to show you that it isn't just me with all this fetch-and-craft bullshit!

For example: Kimiko has blown 5 hours and 300,000 gil and is not pleased: http://www.staronion.com/kimiko/?p=1631

I seriously believe that Square-Enix gets off on this shit and on the misery of it's players. As I said several times (including both times I logged out): THIS SHIT IS UNPLAYABLE. I said earlier that I really felt that people might rage-quit this game over this garbage, and it sounds like one of the most popular bloggers might be close.

I can understand not wanting to fall into the "Monty Haul" trap (where the game just gives you everything). I get that. BUT THIS MUCH TIME FOR THE FIRST DAMN MISSION OF THE EXPANSION??? Make the lead-up to the last fight somewhat difficult -- I get that. But the FIRST mission?

Let's go over to BluGartr:

-- People are paying 100,000 gil for the drop items. No surprise there, but those who are selling like that can FUCK OFF AND DIE IN A FIRE. And if you need me to set it, tell me so I can!

-- Cesaria doesn't like it when things go boom.

-- There's a possible "feature" in this which makes me wonder if SE is actually FINALLY! doing something about Windower. There's a part in this expansion which crashes the game, apparently, if you're using Windower.

-- Tweedle's up to five fails and 500,000 gil...

Let's see what this maintenance has. They damn well need to adjust the drop rates and adjust the crafting bullshit. This is STUPID otherwise.


Kimiko said...

finally broke through after 10 hours total farming. glad to finally have that shit out of the way at last. Onto the avatar fights next.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

Let's see -- doing the Rhinostery Certificate quest arc for access to the Toramorai Canal. :)