Thursday, November 26, 2009

One addition to the list, and a very interesting Wed. night...

Because of an error in translation or posting, there is one additional addition to the Level 1 Mog Bonanza prizes:

The second Shadow Ring should be a Shadow Mantle (Another Dynamis Lord drop -- Rare/Ex Occasionally annuls damage from physical attacks, Darksday VIT +20, L75 All).


Got into a linkshell-based pickup Dynamis group last night, Xarcabard. My first Dynamis since I made the move over.

Interesting run, and, even though half the people hadn't been there more than twice, it looked like it was going to be a very productive run!

About an hour and a half in, we'd already gotten three of the five extensions and 9 of the 15 NM's needed to unlock the Dynamis Lord and his two dragon friends.

And then...

It all went to crap.

I think I understand what they were trying to do (maximize the number of subordinates to get more than the three drops (WAR, RDM, NIN) that they got).

The problem was was that they basically went on these suicide runs that basically got us all wiped, ending up twice. We didn't get the other 6 NM's, and I think the last suicide run was on that Wall of Eyes that is supposed to yield the final extension.

It really, to sound less than elegant about it, felt like about half a run that started real promising, but then went south.

I'll go with them again if they'll have me (all cost is basically absorbed by the shell, but so is all the currency -- it's a gear situation only) for Xarcabard. :)

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