Friday, March 5, 2010

And I see the shitheads are still out in full force...

Oh, playing the game is so much fun when it's clear that there are people who would much rather never allow you to progress, cock-block your sorry ass, and then claim to have a character so "leet" enough to "embarrass" you out of the game when you call these sorry Internet warriors out on their shit.

Well, more fun in that regard tonight: Ro'Maeve, the weapon FoV, and a looming and starting Besieged got a lot of these fucking lol-cats started.

So here I am in Ro'Maeve, and it's clear from the get-go that these fuckers are going to clean every Ominous Weapon out once they know I'm on page 1. One claims to be doing weaponskill points for his friend, but when I call him out on his cockblocking, he goes into full BluGartr QQ-LOL mode.

All this with the clock ticking on a Besieged, and, more than likely (thankfully not, but only due to Siren's awesomeness at Besieged dispatching the Mamool Ja in about 25 minutes or so), costing me at least one FoV run, if not the one I'm on on top of it.

Look, I'm not dumb. You don't want anyone to progress in this game but YOU. That's why people like Keichan and Medicinebox take what I say here somewhat personally -- because they are a strong minority in this game. They progress, but try to do so in ways that don't obstruct others.

I try to be nice (mostly because people do not want the violent alternative), but when I see this type of deliberate obstructionist behavior, it makes me wonder. And, since griefing is legal, apparently -- as long as enough people do it to claim control over a zone (which see the Astral Burn bullshit that is bannable if they read their own damned rules -- I hope to whatever deity you ascribe to that the "accuracy is reduced with more mobs in the area of effect of Astral Flow" applies to more than just Odin!)...

And then this jackalope (along with his friends, now LOLing the whole mess), threatens to not only hate on DRG/DNC (you think I trust people to give the random heal in this game? What planet do you think I got dropped on my head on??), but bring his DRG on to "embarrass me".

Go fuck yourself up the ass, bitch. Chances are you only got your shit because you either bought it or botted it. You can't embarrass me without getting me banned, moron.

How much of an idiot is this guy? Oh, let's see -- when I tell him what is up, he doesn't choose to take into account that the FoV run I was on was instituted several hours (game days) before -- when I had to log off so my roommate could come in and work tonight on her Net project.

But he's more leet than I am, so I have to STFU and GTFO.

And "no one can be this stupid", jackass?? TRY ME!


Bryan said...

I think the whole loling at DRG/DNC comes from the fact that you're spending TP on cures that would better be spent on WSing. But unless you're rocking Drachen/Wyrm Armets for your cures /mage, I can see where /DNC would have a decent advantage. Soloing without the Wyrm Armet, I found myself getting ruined a lot because I'd get hit for more than what I could cure for. Throwing the Wyrm Armet on when Healing Breath is about to go off can kick it up to 400 HP healed (un-"leveled" wyvern) for whatever your lowest MP spell is. DRG has the most MP efficient cures in the game. It's fun being in a merit party with friends DRG/BLU and being the main healer, curing over 500 HP for 5 MP. Anyway, main lot that Wyrm Armet! Till then, keep on DNCing.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

I've found DNC to be a WONDERFUL thing, for not only solo work, but, before I was able to get Ni and /NIN, I was able to use that as an aid to help the curing mages in my Dynamis party on Lengendary in Leviathan, when TP was available.

I understand the need to Penta Thrust as much as humanly possible like the next guy, but a lot of the work I do is solo in the first place -- and, in the second place, there's an advantage, if a backup healer is required, to use /DNC -- otherwise, in the party case, I'm probably /NIN or even /SAM anyway.

Volkai said...

Just out of curiosity, why not use /blu, /sch, /whm, or /rdm for soloing instead of /dnc?

Nothing wrong with /dnc, I'm just curious as to your reasoning.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

Never got into BLU as a job at all. Just never got into it -- haven't been able to get any spells for it, so it just sits there.

SCH just seemed a bit harder than WHM to level as an outright main job to the levels necessary to sub. (Also, when I got to WHM, I had the telewhore situation as an incentive too.)

RDM, to me, just seems more natural as a "piss you off" main job to enfeeble and do some of the occasional Refreshes and heals.

DNC, again, to me, comes across as a versatile and fun job that just absolutely screams out for some of a maximum number of effects.

In fact, I see DNC, more, as a "jack of all trades" than RDM, and I think that is what they actually made RDM for, at first.