Sunday, March 7, 2010

Personal updates and a couple comments...

The HFS series will continue as I find more news from VanaFest to go HFS about. :)

So, this week:

CoP: Promathia WIN -- Rajas Ring GET

Zilart continuance from Sky this Monday, eventually leading to Bahamut V.1 and "The Last Verse".

Nyzul disc finally upgraded to 30 in helping some other LS members Super Climb 16-30 (3/3 - the 26-30 win came with under 30 seconds left. One of the LS members won a Denali at the 20 fight. Congrats.

Whoever made the Boneyard Gully and Bearclaw Pinnacle BC entrances must've really hated life!

SAM 54 -- soon to be 55.

DNC merits: Under 90K now to full. Then cap DNC, then Laila and I need to have a talk in Qu'Bia Arena.

New hobby: Cycling FoV page 1 in Ro'Maeve to finally replenish some Tabs and use the FoV NM (Kulili) battle in Xarcabard to level MNK to 65.


Couple of comments I have to make on some rants:

First, about the one about Ro'Maeve: I don't think it's personal to me until I speak up. I just think that a lot of players actively attempt to block other players for the same reason many hate this jump of the level cap to 99: They want to be the Big Kahuna.

Second, about the level cap jump: One thought, in the form of a question... Do you think this is Square-Enix' clue to actually get people to select ONE JOB to be elite at, rather than be 75 in all 20 jobs??

Just a thought there...


Anonymous said...

I think they're hoping it will encourage people to specialise. I know a lot of people are daunted by the idea of levelling all their 75s to 99. I certainly can't see me doing it.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

I can see doing it for hypergame content for one job, MAYBE two.

But the thing is that I do begin to wonder if Square-Enix is trying to force everybody to specialize in ONE main job, rather than have all 20 jobs be 75!

Volkai said...

Nope, not a way to say 'specialize in one job' unless they're doing a '40 levels to distribute' crafting-skill-like thing with above-75 levels.

But specializing in one early on to 99 will probably make your life a whole lot easier -- just like it does at 75.

Starcade, now from Siren said...


One of the major comments made across the board the morning that the 99 cap was announced was the time commitment it was probably going to take most players (who don't cheat with Astral Burn) to go 75-99 -- so much so that I believe that that's why it's going to take three updates to finish hypergame.

I do wonder, with that time commitment, whether that's exactly what SE has in mind, to kind of make it a soft ceiling (rather than the hard one that crafting presents).

Volkai said...

I seriously doubt the time commitment imposed by experience amounts to level up will prove to be any great barrier to the dedicated.

At 12k/hour (which you can reach in the ronfaure [s] bird camps -- which you can sync down to indefinitely given the assumption of a steady stream of sync targets) it takes less than four hours to go from 75 to 76. So this is a pretty good rate to base leveling times from.

For how much XP it will take to level, I have arbitrarily decided that for this example I will take the number of limit points it takes to fully merit every single General Merit and every Job-Specific Merit for one job, in the most expensive way possible, and add to that the cost of taking a job from 1 to 75. The resulting number is 3,375,350 which is, I feel, a sufficiently imposing number for this test.

At 12k/hour it takes just under 281.3 hours to generate all the XP. That's just under 12 days of playtime. Let's say you're dedicating yourself to this a fair bit, either a couple hours a day on the week, or a significant chunk (5 hours) each weekend day. At 10 hours a week that's 28 weeks, or just over six months of regularly XPing, to cap out the XP. That is quite a chunk... but that's two capped jobs in a year. Someone could at that rate have capped out pretty much every job since XI started, if they began to do so when XI started.

If you're some obsessed player who's sinking 40 hours a week (4h/wk day, 10h/wknd day) into XPing at bird camps with a crazy good static that maintains 20k/hour, then it's only going to take four weeks. One month. To expect this is unrealistic, but in a game where people will fight one monster for 18 hours and lose, it's not beyond the pale.

And of course, this is all without taking into account that the Abbyssea add-ons are supposedly going to relieve the pressures of finding open camps. So we'll see.

Starcade, now from Siren said...

One of the largest questions that most of the FFXI-news community had on the night of VanaFest was exactly what the XP curve will be for 75-99.

When we know that, the answer to your questions will be more apparent.