Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh God... Here we go -- April Fools' Day

Who's going to take the first shot at who??

Bleh. Really, just, bleh...

I was thinking of a way I could fuck with Elmer a little bit for his escapade last year, but just couldn't come up with anything creative enough...

I hate April Fools' Day.

Well, let's see ON EDIT:

The fuckwads in our neighborhood didn't even wait -- the idiots booming their boom-car bass-shit from about 11:30-12:30 in the evening.

Google has "relocated" to Topeka.

And YouTube came up with a good one -- doing all their videos (or at least a few of them) text-only, to purportedly save on bandwidth.


Kimiko said...

Consider the first shot fired!

Starcade, now from Siren said...

You see, it's better when they're creative...

More and more, and my roommate and I were talking about this several days ago, AFD has become a vestige for the mean-spirited jabs that we've all seen too often.

That was good, though. :)