Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quite an interesting week...

Dare I say, a little TOO interesting... Roommate has had to deal with some issues with the Net project, most appear resolved for the moment (except for one guy who's trying to bilk the project's Relay for Life team for money to take part in a charity portion of said project -- c'mon, who do you think you are???)...

To tell you how brave some assholes are, two things in RL:

1) Last night, out to get some groceries, when some jackass decides to drive by in his truck and yell "GET A TOUPEE!!!"

Fuck -- you -- and -- the -- horse -- who -- rode -- in -- on -- you.

I know I'm going bald with the ol' sunroof, but, frankly, I'd rather be Stone Cold Steve Austin (at least in the hair dept.) than waste money on a toupee.

2) Speaking of wasting money, someone tried to force me to do it last night.

When I got back from the other little misadventure, I was toodling around the Net as an adjunct to playing FFXI (get to that update in a moment)...

When all of a sudden, up pops this window for "Antivirus Soft"...

Has anyone heard of the concept of ransomware?

If not, let me tell you about it, because the shitheads are getting real insidious about it.

"Antivirus Soft" basically states your computer has been infected with viruses, basically on everything you would want to do on the Internet, so it forces all stuff closed.

Except for one -- teensy -- problem...

The only infection is "Antivirus Soft" itself, and the group behind this piece of shit is holding your computer ransom (you can't access the Web, once the startup process has gone far enough for the infection to take hold after login -- you can't access any Task Manager to try to stop it, etc.) until you pay THEM money (real money) to remove it!!!

Well, fortunately, I was able to grab a browser before the shit hit the fan again, and thanks to the good people at (and, yes, that's the real name of the site), they gave me the information on how to remove it... (Basically, get a better anti-malware thing than you have with Windows, and use it in Safe Mode with Networking...).

Needless to say, I was not pleased. I don't even know where I got the malware -- I accessed no websites I normally don't (though the roommate has reported infection through no less than an ad on in the past!!)...

With that, let's get in-game:

MNK 65 (my fifth Dynamis-eligible job)

SAM 56 (probably soon to be my sixth)

No further progress on CoP...

First Limbus run Friday night, as we 4-manned Temenos West to the final floor -- then the leader got brave and we all died.

WotG missions and quests finally got progress -- now on Betrayal at Beaucedine.

As of now, about 75K to full (75-)Merit DNC.

That's about it for now.

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