Monday, March 22, 2010

Another "Update Before the Update"...

Just a couple things today:

I'll go into the update about 3K short of full merit DNC -- from there, capping out DNC, fighting Laila, then meriting Polearm.

Assaults: Corporal level: 20/25 points to the next level.

Another Limbus run, and this one won.

WotG: Finally got all the way caught up in the main mission line. Now, to do the two Bastokan quests -- will get one (Behind the Mask) done. The other's a BC which requires 6. Thanks for Kimiko and Keichan, again, for helping out.

No further progress on CoP/Zilart, and doubt we'll get any tonight, due to the update.

Lots to post about later tonight. See you then.

ON EDIT: 5:30 AM PDT. Behind the Mask done. BC mission pre-BC cutscenes taken care of. Last fight to be updated to today's update.

And, just a moment ago: FULL MERIT DNC.

See you later.

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