Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another week down, and, well...

... a bit less play-time, as I postulated last week, due to my friend's surgery and her recovery. Get well soon (more for her sanity and the hard work she's doing next week -- Second Life's Relay for Life is next weekend for the American Cancer Society -- SL has raised over $180,000 already, and is goaling for a quarter million)...

As for me:

WHM 37-38 (First three Teleport spells quested for, doing the next two quests tonight-tomorrow (both require a Japanese Midnight delay) -- Starcade's Tele-Taxi should open for business next week!),

Windy Fame 9 (now maximum Fame in all four cities),

working on both RDM 64 (in Besieged) and DNC 66 (through Elite Training NM fights),

Sunday Dynamis: Bastok. Ran out of time due to slower pulls. Got a wootz and the DNC AF2 (3/5 DNC now).

Wednesday Dynamis: Sandy. Ran out of time due to extreme low-man. Had to leave to help roommate during lots. Only 1 AF2 dropped in the entire run (and we were getting close to Mega Boss) -- and that was BLU!

RL stuff clearing up some. We'll see how that impacts my time in Vana'diel going forward.


I think the biggest story is that it sounds like they are RMT-banning low-level or trial-account gardeners.

Why not just get rid of the trial accounts completely??

I mean, let's face it -- FFXI is already dead, and Square-Enix's relations with the player base all but prove it, as I said earlier. I have every indication that Square-Enix is probably going for the more mainstream (read: WoW) crowd, and both me and my roommate have already decided to pass on FFXIV completely. (Especially that we both believe it'll be about two months from release before the cheating fucktards rip the living crap out of the game, just as they've done, more and more, to XI.)

But why continue to recruit players to XI, when it would actually be better to let XI go (quickly!!) and concentrate your efforts on a new playerbase (especially here in North America) for XIV??


ixthyse said...

GL on Teletaxi, hope you make money. Hope you realize the frustration you're in for though, as people have been known to use invite-bots to snatch up all the business in whitegate

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Thanks for the heads-up -- we'll see what happens. Might not just be WG, though... :)

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

ixthyse: Double thanks for the heads up -- the invite-bots are in full effect in Whitegate, and have been not only GM'ed, but reported to the STF, this afternoon. (Which see new blog post...)