Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finishing the weekly update, more packages smashed, and insults can be the sincerest form of flattery...

Well, I did get the chance to do some more this week (didn't think I'd be able to, as of the last post):

WHM 32 (might get 33 tonight)

Couple of more runes with the MMM...


My roommate has one nerve left, and if the illegal fireworks don't do it in tonight, UPS might.

The company decided to ship out a second order for the one package which UPS damaged (worse than we thought at first).

The second package was intentionally damaged. One of the sides was basically bashed out. It looked like the package had been directly kicked on the package label. Everything in the replacement shipment -- damaged.

So, next week isn't going to be pretty either. Hoping the replacement for the monitor comes in OK. And then we have to try to cut United Package Smashers out of the loop while we consider suing them.


And then there's this little ditty, as a follow-up to the earlier post on Feiwong and his fucking idiocy.

I want you to listen to BluGartr forums' Astarael from about a week and a half ago:

"Yeah, that guy isn't really much of a shining example. If feiwong is the extreme example of RMT idiocy (which I 100% agree he is), then this guy is the outspoken anti-RMT equivalent. I mean really, he says anyone in an endgame shell can't be there without "some degree of illegal, unethical, or immoral activity (or more than one of the above).", and he implies anyone with a relic had to RMT, and says outright anyone with 4 or more did.

Could be being epic-whoooshed, but isn't he just doing the same thing as Feiwong, and calling RMT on anything he can't achieve?"

First post on the page.

Nice try.

I could start to say that this guy is paying me a compliment, but then I see what he actually is trying to say here, and I have to say that there are a couple of inconsistencies.

I've already addressed the italicized statement: Take one look at the conduct of a lot of the endgame linkshells, with their bots and their Windower crap and all that stuff, and I would say my statement probably has been proven correct.

Also, view the recent JP Button NA players survey, where the players who use Windower illegally surveyed 3 times as many players as those who use the legal Windowed Mode.

The facts don't lie. The statement stands.


I do have grave question as to how many relic-holders RMT, because of the sheer amount of time, energy, and work which go into gaining a relic.

But, yes, the player who got 4 relics (and then got banned 1/22/09) had to do some form of RMT and duping and God knows what else...

Because, as surveyed, the amount of time he would've had to have been in Dynamis just to attain the amount of Ancient Currency required makes this feat impossible in the 6 1/2 years the game has been going on.

Don't believe me?? Check out FFXIAH's take on the subject of how much it would cost you to obtain the required amount of Ancient Currency.

Using a low-end estimate, the cost of a relic would be somewhere in the area of 128-180 million gil.

If you want to tell me the guy who had four relics got them legitimately, I will laugh in your face.

Doubly, since we know he cheated his ass off and got banned in January.

You damned right I am calling him RMT.

But the last statement that Astarael made got me thinking: He's accusing me of screaming "RMT!" at anything I cannot achieve.

Given the number of relic-seeking players who probably are RMT, I can see why says this to discredit me. (And to say I'm no better than Feiwong, who basically calls "RMT" to anyone who doesn't suck his dick.)

That I would say that is not true. The problem is that I openly _DO_ wonder how many of the relics are legitimate (and I'd guess far fewer than most would). But the fact is that I call things as I see them. After a lot of what I have heard and seen as conduct within the game, there are parts of same I want no fucking part of.

But it's not "I don't have it" = "I think you're RMT if you do".

It's "The vast majority of end-gamers cheat their fucking asses off" which makes me question whether there's more RMT involved than most might care to admit.

Deimos: Again, I would assume that the only correct conclusion is YOUR conclusion, right??


And Feiwong's still apparently at his shit... With how many bought/stolen characters, I have no clue.


Katarzyna said...

I really hope you don't think that everyone with a relic RMTs, or anyone going for a relic RMTs. There are a handful of people (albeit small) that do actually do it the legit way of farming dynamis coins, selling off what they don't need, and purchasing what they do need from Rolan-Mart.

I, myself, would never go for a relic. Too much time and BS involved.

Also, you should smack those UPS dudes upside the head.

aerroenu said...

As someone who has personally dealt with Feiwong in the pre-stages of his despicable reputation... If I had to be stuck on an island with either you or Feiwong, I'd rather it be you. The whole comment about you being the "anti-RMT equivalent of Feiwong" is faulty. Unlike Feiwong, you actually have a set of morals. Sure, while both you and Feiwong aggressively argue your point, I get the impression that you're ok with discussion much more than Feiwong (who'll throw one hell of a tantrum for arguing with him). Your arguments have more backing than Feiwong's, even though you come off as really pessimistic and misanthropic sometimes. (;p) Plus, after learning what encouraged your stance against cheating, it's easier for me to sympathize with your arguments. Feiwong? His reason is simply because things don't go his way.

Plus, there's no way in hell there's an "anti-RMT equivalent of Feiwong". Evar. 'cause I highly doubt anyone could be so pathetically hypocritical over a noble cause. No. Wait. Feiwong is pathetically hypocritical against RMT. Nevermind. *lol*

Dunno what that dude's problem is, but you are totally not at the same level as Feiwong. Feiwong's a totally different, lonely category of his own.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Katarzyna: Everyone? No.

But with the amount of work required (and the nature of a lot of these players to begin with), I would say that only a small number of people would actually do it legitimately.

This is one of the offshoots of the 1/22/09 bans -- now all the high-leveled players and elite gear have to be put into question, like it or not...

As far as UPS goes, I don't even want to get in on that grief.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...


At first glance, I don't know whether to take that as how much of a compliment. :)

Seriously, I do think that it's a matter that I am of a different age range than the bulk of FFXI players.

I could go in to the "kids these days" argument (and have, more than once). I think we are at the point that people just have lost the ability to understand that what one person does has impacts on many others.

As I've said, I think a lot of the reason that Square-Enix is so obfuscative is that they don't trust you -- or any of the players.

aerroenu said...

Haha, oh, it's totally a compliment, Starcade. Astarael has absolutely not idea what he's talking about when comparing you to Feiwong. After having Feiwong... well, let's put it this way, "you try to teach a man to fish, and he spits in your face for not giving him a $1,000 fishing pole to go with it". I don't think I can put into words how skeptical, amused, disgusted, entertained, and certain of his hypocrisy I get whenever I hear the antics of this clown. It's like a soap opera: it's the same regurgitated crap every single time.

Hmm, maybe Feiwong should write MMORPG soap operas. Oh, he'd so totally make a pretty penny for it. *lol*

And I don't necessarily think it's an issue of age as much as it's an issue of maturity. The amount of young people with a sense of responsibility and sense seems to be dwindling nowadays.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Actually, aerroenu:

I think that last comment of yours is why I think it has to do with age -- because I think it's a matter of when we were raised and what we were raised to believe in.

I mean, think: You tried some of that shit at the poker tables of 150 or so years ago, and they'd be carrying your bullet-ridden carcass to the nearest graveyard to be buried.

Now, just look all over BG at the number of players more than happy to admit that they spit at any concept of fair play or anything approaching same.

Davy M. Jones said...

If consistently damaged personal property has ever been grounds for a lawsuit, it can only be made a more valid case by their federal offense: tampering with mail.

On UPS's record, that would be extremely poor conduct and business practices. If that gets publicized, that's a huge amount of lost business, whether it's spoken or unspoken.

If it's held for the most part against your particular UPS outlet, that's pretty much a guaranteed firing of one or more people.

On a less professional note, had I been in the hallway, on the sidewalk, or generally within sight of the man who delivered the damaged package to your door, I couldn't say I wouldn't give them a running drop-kick. What if it was a kid's birthday present or something, for Christ's sake?

How would they feel if a kid answered the door and saw what they did to his brand new toy he'd been waiting for? Would they feel comfortable catching a garden hose fixture across the temple? Because they'd have definitely earned it.

I very, very rarely agree with everything you say, but that's ridiculous. If someone lowers themselves to that level of petty actions while they're on the job, their quality of character is poor at best.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Davy Jones: I refer you to (I think it's) -- you'll get an education there, and never want anything shipped UPS again.

Replacement monitor came (after one got busted by FedEx -- but, with those guys, that's a mistake), and, after a few color/scale tweaks, works like a charm.

Volkai said...

I know at least two players with legit relics. Our Dynamis linkshell sponsored them.

That means that after a voting process to determine who would be sponsored, that person got half the single-pieces from every run, and could buy hundred-pieces for half the going rate.

(The money from selling hundred-pieces covers half the cost of each run.)

Because anyone that's been in our LS for more than five runs can go for a split of currency, and any member who is upgrading a relic can also buy hundred-pieces, and to ensure we aren't just helping someone who's going to quit partway through, we usually sponsor upgraders that are past the first couple stages before being sponsored.

It's a good system. We seem to be averaging one relic a year, though that's only based on data from the past two years.