Friday, July 31, 2009

Re: Square-Enix Customer Service -- When are people finally going to get it??

As I'm spending a number of hours farming a second Quicksand Coffer Key for Moogle Kupo d'Etat (the first one finally got me my DRG AF1 Greaves -- long after I got my AF2 in Dynamis!), I decided to head over to BluGartr for some fun and laughs, and didn't get much of that.

Instead, I read a thread on the continuing debacle of Square-Enix' Customer Service with respect to credit-card bans (which see the Verify Visa and SecureSafe or whatever MasterCard calls their analogue...), and it got me to thinking again...

When are people going to learn...

Square-Enix does not want the predominant North American FFXI player-base around when FFXIV starts.

They also don't want a constituency which makes up, probably, the majority of the character-base on FFXI (Chinese RMT).

In short, they want to completely remake their MMO clientele, and if they throw you by the wayside in so doing, then so be it -- to them...

I mean, there are two sides to customer service:

The first side, which we are all basically aware of, is that, if a company wants to keep it's customer base, then it has to treat the customer base accordingly.

What if, however, they DON'T???

My position is clear -- the majority of the characters in this game are RMT frauds (the Chinese kind).

The majority of the remainder clearly cheat.

Now, if you're Square-Enix, and you see this, clear as day, and you've already basically decided to throw FFXI to the wolves and devote most of your energy to FFXIV/Rapture, then why in the Hell would you not, then, make a very real decision to toss away the XI clientele, for the reason I just gave you?

I don't think the current people at Square-Enix want most of the FFXI players in FFXIV!! And you're seeing it time (CC issues) and time (crappy mini-expansions) and time (RMT spam-a-lot) again...

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