Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now, on the other hand, let's give some credit where due...

The Union System.

I actually _like it_ -- even though my lots suck.

Here it is in a nutshell... When you tag up for Campaign, you can then make an additional call to the C.A. to have him or her put you into one of five Unions.

If you get approximately, by my read, about 400-500 or more XP, you can lot for various "spoils" -- mostly crafting items, but there is the occasional single Dynamis currency (and I have gotten one already!), as well as the occasional medicine.

I actually do like this. I think it's a solid way to get people into the fight.

There is one problem though: They really need to address what, essentially, are null fights -- offensive fights against no opponents, with the Fortification nerf making it worthless to hang around.

(Worse, about the ones where the Beastmen flee and the fight continues as a Fortification-fest...)

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foerequiem said...

To be honest I'm a little disappointed with Unions myself. I was under the impression it would be an activity a little separate from campaign which you could undertake with a group of friends or something. ): But from what I gather everyone and their dog can join in..

I'm sure it'll get some tweaks anyway. (: