Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekly update before the update...

Well, next Monday is the update, so I had planned to take it kinda easy this week and not do too much other than tele-whoring and the like. First task to tele-whore: About 550K or so for Gobbiebag X and the Grand Greedalox. (75K toward that...)

Then I notice that, with Dynamis and other things we did this week, my bank reserve has slipped about 25% over the course of the last three weeks or so (new gear, not farming but levelling WHM and now PLD) instead...). So, started farming in the Promies again. My bank loves me again. :)

Sunday: Dynamis-Jeuno. Win. Did a bit more attacking the statues than normal, since we were low on BLMs. Then, after that, Kiana took a few of us to Beadeaux (Shadowrealm), where we tried a couple NMs, but were far too low-man to take them on.

Wednesday: Dynamis-Windurst with the sub leader. Basically went in to farm, and didn't do too badly at that. Ate an Astral Flow in each run, though. (Eek.)

Then, something interesting this week: Kwazie from my Dynamis shell decides to recruit for Nyzul Isle!! So I did my first four Nyzul Isle runs -- got the first six floors saved.

You get the wrong draw on that, and it's a BITCH!!

WHM 38, RDM 64, PLD 29 (would like to do 30, but my roomie has a triple-shot of projects tonight (and the rest of the cancer fundraiser I mention in the next blog post below).

And then on Monday?? Campaign Union, new Ranks, Meriting 2nd-tier Dragoon stuff with Campaign, and Kupo d'Etat...

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