Thursday, July 9, 2009

More job adjustments...

More job adjustments for July.

First is a general update that, with the streamlining of levelling with Fields of Valor, they're going to similarly streamline the process of combat skill levelling for low- and mid-levels.

Frankly, it's overdue, and the basis for that is seen when I've been levelling WHM the last few weeks to open up Starcade's Tele-Taxi (coming soon!!). Everything is capped except for Staff skill and Divine Magic -- and those can be a pain to level too, especially in Fields of Valor. This should be a welcome change, if they do it right...

*insert audience laughing here*

Circle Abilities are getting a massive upgrade, apparently.

Good. Because of what other use are they if they are so weak and so short??

Two more Blue Magic spells are being added too... Yawn.

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Anonymous said...

From what I was told by someone who was playing from before Day one,

Originally the Circle abilities gave the user Haste and the opponent Slow. Both of these would only occur under Correct PC Vs Foe Correlations.

Example. Pld Vs Undead.

PLd gets haste, Undead gets slowed.

This was granted to everyone who got hit by the ability as well. If no undead were present. The party still got a portion of the Haste effect.

This was removed because it was two powerful.

With the additions to the jobs since then and the release of the expansions with more difficult monsters and challenges. It appears SE maybe giving these back. Similar to the Velocity Shot patch to help ungimp Rangers a tad bit. I don't expect them to be the same.