Monday, July 20, 2009

You'd think they'd have learned this by the last mini-expansion debacle...

Nope. In fact, this one is worse.

I have literally had to quit Moogle Kupo d'Etat for the time being.

Why? Because the fucktards at Square-Enix did it again!!

First mission: Another farming quest. This time in the attached dungeon areas to the starter areas -- minimum second-tier beastmen.

Orcs went fine. 1/7.

The Quadav drop was ridiculous. ONE FOR THIRTY-NINE.

And, as a direct result of the over an hour it took me to dick around to get the Quadav drop, I can't do the Yagudo one in Giddeus, for every open area of the goddamned zone that is relevant has SIX people standing in it to wait for the few Yagudo which drop every five minutes.

You've made it WORSE!!!

And this is only three hours in. What's going to happen as Japanese and Euro players get in on this???

Screw this. I'm off to Campaign and the Union System -- and second-tier meriting my Dragoon.


Yondaime said...

You actually thought they'd work on it and learn from it? Hahahahahahahaha, not really.

Friend and I were joking around while farming the Orcs in Yughott Grotto~

Me: OK, so, we've got inane fetch quest #1 right now, this time in dungeons with 8 minute pop times instead of outside with 5.

Friend: What's next, a quick cutscene in another Mog House then onto another fetch quest where you need to get key items from some stupid event? (Killing gobs in ACP, HELM in KDE)

Me: Yeah, probably. Then, the final battle's gonna be the big bad boss moogle with the sunglasses. He's gonna have ~35k HP, take half damage from everything, be able to Charmga and uses a move called "Pompom of Judgement" that does 800-2000 damage to everyone in the BC.

Looks like SE didn't learn, and that they *don't* listen to their players. I know I've sent a huge number of letters to them regarding the difficulty and stupidity of the ACP set, especially #11 (hi2u 0/5, friend is 0/9). Maybe, at least, they learned SOMETHING and won't have the final boss be something you can only zerg or chip away at.

Yondaime said...

>_> Looking at the wiki right now. I was half right. Insane amounts of HP. Draw-in then 800+ damage AoE+Stun.