Monday, July 20, 2009

So, as I download the update, some thoughts...

I think we are about one more update from officially abandoning the promise of new avatars. It had been discussed for the last two, but is still not in this one.

Union System starts with the new update -- looking forward to it, but:

1) No more de-tag/re-tag until we get the hang of it, since de-tag/re-tag resets your "contribution" to the effort for the Union System.

2) Gonna have to remember to get Reraise at all times, because I fully suspect the idiots are going to leave us dead so as to have fewer people to lot against once the Union lots begin. Be careful for the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Wow. Finished downloading it in about 25 minutes. May have some more to do once the game comes up in another hour, but...

Two more things, both charity-related:

The Speed Gamers are almost already at their $20K goal, about $1800 short, and they haven't even started FFVII yet.

And congratulations to my roommate and a literal cast of thousands on Second Life: $263,000 (and that's real money, not SL currency -- it's actually the amount of SL currency converted to real money, which is legal in cases like this) raised through on Relay for (Second) Life for the American Cancer Society.

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