Saturday, September 12, 2009

About GM Call Congestion with RMT...


You just figured that out NOW, Square-Enix????

What I'm talking about is the latest little blurb SE has talked about, finally admitting that the RMT advertisements and illegal phishing bullshit has finally essentially overrun their GM service.

They tell people to understand if they don't get a personalized response. Now, I'm not clear if this finally means they are going to stop "form-lettering" us -- basically "We got your call, we're investigating, keep telling us, thanks..." in various forms...

I've been seeing this for months!! Sometimes 3-4 times a day. And yet I'll still report their asses.

Until these sites are shut down and the people involved put in prison, they're going to take over the game physically. Period. No amount of GM calls or STF action short of criminalizing them (in Chinese court, if necessary) is going to stop this.

They now feel they OWN FFXI, and will OWN FFXIV.

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