Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some jackasses need a little "education"...

Crystilady, Jesterking, and all you other sad sods from that last exchange in Al Zahbi, this one's for you:

Had another round of the good ol' "I'm just in Besieged for the fucking skill-ups" brigade...

You know, Leviathan used to be a proud server, until some of you shitheads basically overran it with that it was all about "Look at me and my skill-ups. I don't care... The game will make sure we win!!"

It's like you're making them do it for the rest of us -- and then, when it can't make up for your sorry deficiencies, you count on the Japanese to get the Candy back so you can start your mighty little circle jerk again.

So I guess it's no real secret that the numbers of players in end-game events are down -- the winning streaks are evaporating -- and the game is turning into yet another abject joke.

If I were like you guys, the last freaking job I would take to Besieged would be a RDM to try to cure your sorry asses.

If you're not in Besieged to win, I got four words for you:


Seriously. If all it is about to you is getting that last little skill-up so you can crow it to everyone else that you are so fucking leet and don't really care one way or the other, figuring that Square-Enix will have your backs to bail your asses out, then, please, just don't bother impacting the rest of us.

Oh, and Crystilady: I still don't trust your ass any further than I can throw it -- GM me if you dare.

ON EDIT: Heck, forgot a good part of the rant...

1) I don't play this game to make friends.

2) I don't trust much of anybody to be playing this game without cheating or otherwise abusing either the system or the other players.

3) I haven't had fun in this game in over a year, now. (Maybe a moment or two, but not consistent "fun".)

4) The only reason I still play is, as I said in January when some of your heroes got banned, to spite you.


Aluve said...


I have been following this blog for some months now, and have become increasingly concerned about your current mental state. I came here originally after a link went round my LS regarding an amusing rant blog, and stayed because, quite frankly, watching somebody else fly off the handle is frequently both cathartic and funny as all fuck. While earlier entries are certainly angry, your most recent set of entries (probably following your roommate's injury) show an increasing and disturbing tendency towards blind rage. While I understand that the following will probably fall on deaf ears, I felt it was more important to write the following than let things continue to slide without at least attempting to stay the progress of your descent.

For the sake of your own sanity, kindly stop playing FFXI. You have repeatedly stated that you don't play for fun or for cameraderie or any reason other than a masochistic desire to spite the people that you hate.

Spite, sadly, only works when the people you're spiting care that you continue to do the activity which you're using to spite them. Those you hate the most, RMT, SE, BG "cheaters," your server population, etc., by and large are little aware of your existence. Those who are aware regard your vitriol as, at worst, a mild nuisance (easily prevented with /bl), and, at best, a joke.

All the anger and froth and hate you hold so dear are, to many of the people at whom you direct it, funny. They don't log in in the morning, see your name, and rue the day you were born. Nobody stops and screams "FUCK! Starcade is still playing!?"

The only person you are hurting with your "spite" is yourself, by continuing to expose yourself to situations that infuriate you so. To use your own metaphor, you are having all the fun of fucking a two-bit disease-ridden whore for the sole reason of spiting the johns who were there before you, and will come after.

Have a beer. Read a book. Cancel your account. Help your roommate with her therapy. Go back to school. Find something redeeming to do with your free time, as you are currently blowing all of it on an addiction to rage and hate.

Thank you for your time.

-Aluve of Phoenix

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, whilst I empathise on some levels with some of what you've posted recently you just sound burnt out and slightly nuts.

Take a break. It's really not this important. I get frustrated as all hell too, but this is a game. Yes, people should treat each other well and yes, it would be nice not to be plagued by RMT tells and crappy players.

But.. you can walk away from that screen at any time and go hang out with people who care.

Seriously. Take a break.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...


I think my roommate's injury has had something to do with it, because I see, in my roommate (whom I care about more than most anything at this point), how things have gotten so out of freaking hand.

I mean, I have no blame for my roommate in any of this -- it's just a matter that, if it's the mental stress leading to the injury or the fact that no one seems not to want to smash everything she orders through the Net or whatever, it's just getting to the point that I see a lot of the same fraud and chicanery I see all over FFXI (which is why I mention it here).

I am truly angry, Aluve. So much so, I can't really blame you for seeing it as blind rage.

The problem is that I think this is what the people who make up the bulk of FFXI want: A Cheaters' Paradise that basically no sane player would want any part of. As I said way back in January, I believe the massive bulk of players defrauds me, and I damned well take that seriously and personally.

That's why I don't do what basically everybody would suggest and quit. Playing legitimately appears to have no real benefit, but quitting seems to be what they want, so they can basically rape their own e-peens to the point where they feel they own the game, the Net, and all that stuff.

Because these are the same types of people who physically assault the homeless, taunt their enemies to suicide, and all that stuff.

And, if they get their way, they'll be running things in general once TSHTF.

Dyce said...

I agree with your point on people want a cheater's paradise. No one wants to earn anything anymore, and SE is catering to them. The two new expansion's armour pieces are a joke. They're easy to get, and they make other gear, which look good, obsolete. I play FFxi for the challenge. If I wanted hand me outs, I'd play WoW or LotR

Anonymous said...

The irony is you are here to spite us while paying monthly.

Keep feeding SE your money like a good little whore and make your mommy proud.

You're supporting everything you hate and it's pretty wonderful.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Won't be the case much longer if nights like tonight are any indication... I'll get banned soon enough.

And that'll tell me all I need to know about Square-Enix' true motives.