Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, let's catch up the last two weeks, and then I have two words for you...

First, before I get to a general rant (which has some tentacles in FFXI), the last two weeks:

Dynamis: Several city runs, the last two (including one I didn't make due to a vacation) Sandy. Got a couple of free lot to nothing pieces, but nothing that I really needed. Did finally cash in a whole bunch of singles for a 100-piece.

Levels: BRD 19, but not that much more, since the hotel connection I was at was so shitty that I was BSODing in Vegas, and really haven't been doing that much except:

DRG merits: Finished Angon, will probably get Deep Breathing #2 tonight or tomorrow. One more after that, then I start XP-capping DRG.



We've all gone fucking insane. There's no other way to put it.

I think I can put the whole world, and my experiences in it, into the two words that were said in the last podcast of one of the podcasts (world soccer) that I subscribed to:

"Hate wins."

I swear to all that is holy, the world has lost it, completely and utterly.

Let's see, where do I begin:

-- Let's start with tonight. So I basically come back from my going out to give my friend some peace, and within ten minutes:

1) The door rings, with no one there -- hoping that is only a one-time that someone got locked out,

2) Someone shuts off the breaker (or it completely trips, and not just half-way) to the far side of my room, where I have my computer),

and 3) Probably the most bizarre example yet of why American sports has completely lost it's fucking gourd.

Serena Williams lost her match in the semifinals due to a point penalty after a foot-fault in which she is now accused of threatening to kill the lineswoman who called the foot-fault.

Hate wins, right, Serena?

Where the Hell did I get dropped off tonight??


Then, I go back and remember last weekend, when I was away in Las Vegas at Anime Vegas.

Hate to say it, but I should've cancelled the moment Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham announced their cancellations.

I sat through three days of watching a bunch of spoiled little brats walk around like they owned the place, the industry guests left literally begging people to actually have the audacity to purchase anime.

But I guess hate wins, right??

Then I get back to the soccer podcast. From what I can gather of it, apparently there was a belief on the part of one of the hosts of World Soccer Daily over the course of time where Liverpool supporters were being accused of causing a deadly incident at some point in the past.

Well, over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, August 26 and 27, he must've really set off the Liverpoolians, because English hooliganism came out in full flower, once again, on the Internet.

His life, his wife's life, his friends' lives, his childrens' lives, the whole damn shooting match -- all over the Internet, people wanting to take shots at him.

So the podcast is finished. Their stint on Sirius, over.

As he said, "hate wins".

I'm done dealing with people in a reasonable manner if it's clear that dealing with people in a reasonable manner is not going to do anything.

How does this have to do with FFXI?


Between the RMT fucktards and their physical takeover of Vana'diel (which seems poised to succeed), many of the upper-level players quitting the game (finally realizing it as a lost cause -- and you can see that both on places like the TTTO, and in many of the in-game events where high-level players might be needed (we might truly need divine intervention not to lose the Crystal War)), and this fucktard who posted a guide to the blatantly illegal practice of Astral Burning, hate wins.

It's about time I admit that this game is either going to get me banned from it or me arrested for finally taking someone out -- unless the anime fandom does it first (and I have the address of one guy in Redlands, CA who wants such a fight -- the only reason he doesn't get it is because I have a roommate that I care more about than crippling some nerd punk who steals all his fucking anime off the Internet).


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