Sunday, September 13, 2009

So ChairTwo wants to warn my ass about being disrespectful...

Well, I got my warning note (a fairly stiff one) from the FFXIclopedia people...

To ChairTwo:

At the rate things are going, you guys might as well just call up Square-Enix and have me banned from FFXI completely.

I'm serious. See my post from Saturday night, just above. I will not respect illegal conduct, nor the thuggish little brats who promote it.

You've got a problem with that? You've got a problem with me.

I've already been banned from the vast majority of the FFXI Community sites -- I can add yours to the list if it comes to it.

Are you with people who want to play fairly, or are you with people who want to cheat?

Your next move will tell me all I need to know on that one.

1 comment:

Volkai said...

You keep calling him "ChairTwo"... is that a typo, or intentional?