Saturday, September 26, 2009

A week I didn't think I'd make it through, to be honest...

And the interesting stuff of this autumn is already begun -- I face criminal charges October 13 in Moreno Valley, probably have to miss a convention to make a final pre-trial bail hearing (it's not a major charge, but it is a criminal one - which would be about my sixth or seventh on my record in the last 15 years), and then I have to deal with the skill-up Besieged losers, which gets me a Sunday morning meeting with a GM and my official warning for swearing up a storm and telling the fuckers who've ruined this game exactly what I think of them...

... to wit, as I said Sunday morning, I told the GM exactly what I thought of how Square-Enix was doing as well. I was actually trying to get the GM to fully ban me and be done with it, for I will make no secret:

I have lost all material respect for other people. I've seen way too many people do what they want without regard for anyone else for me to stop what I'm doing now and call them the shitheads they are -- in-game or otherwise.

I fully expect (if these latest efforts against bots don't materially finally force Square-Enix to throw in the towel on XI completely) to be banned from XI in the fairly near future. I fully expect to be in jail soon after.

In-game: In a week that was, after Sunday, more "calm before the storm" motif:

Sunday Dynamis: Jeuno. Win. Claimed another Montiont on points.

Wednesday Dynamis: Bastok. Just ran out of time -- pretty low on DD (have been noticing high-level numbers going down across the board, even before the FFXIApp shutdown, lately), but we got close.

WHM 42 (and quested for Teleport-Vahzl), BLM 21.

Actually got two BC's down the Aht Urhgan storyline -- finally completed Black Coffin and Shield of Diplomacy. Next Stop is Puppet in Peril.

Almost have DRG XP capped completely. Next stop on the Campaign trail is getting DNC to 75.

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