Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yep, the bitch ChairTwo made his decision, and lies with the cheating terrorists...

Banned from FFXIclopedia.

Fine. You're lying down with the cheaters, and are with the terrorists who are destroying this game.

Just give RMT their sanction too, right? Go right ahead, bitch.

So how much more is it going to take to finally get me banned from FFXI completely, then?

All I can say is, at minimum, they better ban me from Fan Fest or I'm going to jail there.

You decide that a guide to Astral Burning is more appropriate than calling the fucking scum the fucking cheating bitches they are, then, ChairTwo:





Ringthree said...

You have serious emotional/psychological issues.

Anidrall said...

That seriously, shocks the fuck out of me about them having a page about Astral Flow Burn parties on the Wiki. While I may not agree with everything you say, you have a valid point with this one. This, this here is the reason why I don’t like other Summoners. I’m SMN75 and while I’m not the best SMN I’m a good damn one and I play my job right and I have capped SMN magic and all my avatars. I really hope the SMN burn parties are put to an end. Its sad when a SMN75 has a max Summoning Magic skill of 60 at level 75. Good-job man 

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Ringthree: And you have serious ethical issues too -- and you can go fuck yourself.

That should be, basically, me being banned from almost everything (I guess outside of Allakazham, at this point...) of the major FFXI sites, am I right, bitch??

You don't get it, and I don't see why you wouldn't, running the biggest site of cheating, whiny bitches on the Net with respect to FFXI.

I mean, you're all but admitting that we have to be cheating whores to win. You do realize how that comes across, do you not?

You might as well just ban me from BG before I ever even post there, idiot.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Anidrall: The more I think about it, the less I am truly _shocked_, the more I am truly _angered_, and the more I am convinced that Rapture/XIV will end up an absolute non-starter.

I mean, let's face it: Take a look at the last census, and you can probably conclude that half the characters in the game are RMT. If even half of the rest are breaking the ToS in some other form, that's 3/4 of the characters who are breaking the rules to the point they should be banned.

So should it be surprising that there is more-than-tacit approval of blatantly illegal tactics by the people running the wiki?? No.

I mean, think, the cheating bitches, their supporters (such as Ringthree), and the Chinese RMT fucker scum now have material control over Vana'diel. So am I surprised that they are sanctioning it? No. They might as well let the RMT fuckers do the same thing!

Just don't expect me to respect those bitches with anything but a punch to the face, if it comes to it. Can't handle that? You don't want me on FFXI anymore.

Hungry for Spam said...

Actually, I'm surprised that there actually are a few people that will still argue against it. I was worried that not many people condemn it anymore. The less the playerbase complains, the less SE will bother to fix it, and they've already gone about 9 months of this being highly visible without action.

It's reaching endemic levels on Bismarck. There's trash named Fleather that has a SMN burn LS, sells leach (sic) spots for gil, advertises heavily.

Kudos to you. Unfortunately, you are a dying breed. I know I for one have become leery of doing anything with a SMN, since so many of them did burn their way up. Casts a taint on the entire job.

I just do not understand why these people even "play" FFXI. Leveling? LOL, game starts at 75 anyway, let's just SMN burn our way to endgame! Yay, we're at endgame, now to do endgame activities! Oh well, claiming is too hard, let's bot HNM. Oh, well, drop rates suck, let's dupe. Oh, well, Nyzul is too hard, let's hack the transparencies. If all these fucks want is higher numbers and fancy named clothes with no effort, play Progress Quest.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

People have to understand something -- most of these shitheads want people like us out of the game, Hungry for Spam. That's why people like Anidrall are rarer and rarer for people like you.

And the people on the wiki want me to respect people who actually advertise this shit on the wiki??

Are you motherfucking kidding me??

This is the reason I can't entirely buy that much of these endgame idiots actually wish to condemn RMT. I mean, consider: With account sales and all that shit, what's to say that the best route to making a good amount of RL money is Astral Burn/maybe another 75/dupe some shit/sell account/rinse/lather/repeat??

Because about 90% of this game is gear-whoring... Look at all the drama in the endgame LSs that you read across the FFXI blogosphere... Tell me that these people basically ramrodding their way to end-game aren't basically doing everything in their power to get 1337 so they can basically tell us that cheating is the only way to prosper in FFXI.

And the shitheads running the wiki want me to RESPECT that?

Fuck that in the ear.

Understand, bluntly, that it would be another nine months of inaction to get to the Salvage dupes (which I still have to wonder why Square-Enix bothered with and didn't address a lot of this other shit which would've probably banned 90,000 top-level players...).

Why do you think you are seeing less and less players in Besieged? Campaign???

People have given up trying to reason with these dolts and are _LEAVING_. The only reason I've played the last year or so is not having fun -- it's spite for these fuckers.

The game DOES basically start at 75, when you really take a look at it. Then it's bot this, hack that, Windower the other shit, and people like Ringthree continuing to cheer it on, knowing that, eventually, they'll be the only ones left playing FFXI, because no sane person is going to pick up this game at this point.

(And if anyone is, please send me their e-mail address, so I can talk them out of a massive waste of their money.)

Volkai said...

You don't need to actually respect anyone, you just need to act respectful, because that's generally how things get done instead of devolving into shouting matches and virtual fistfights.

Their house, their rules.