Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bye bye (at least some) bots, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...

Didn't get a chance to play tonight, since I was not only letting my friend do her work, but then she wanted to show me something (which, inevitably, got us onto about a four-hour situation), and then, at 3 AM, checked my old high school's football score, and, just before I got to bed...

They have completely blown up end-game again.

FFXI has FINALLY -- FUCKING FINALLY -- shut down one of the largest-scale bots on the damn game, FFXIapp.

It was a pay-bot for a lot of players, and seen as a necessity by the botting cheating motherfuckers who basically have made this game a complete farce.

Bye bye to it, and, if they can find out who played with them, bye bye to them too.

We've already seen significant reductions in the number of players in Dynamis, Besieged, and Campaign. Could this basically finish off much of high-level Vana'diel?? We know most of the high-level players cheat their fucking asses off...

Apparently, by one source, the creator of FFXIApp has made HALF A MILLION DOLLARS off this shit????

Why do people continue to work on this game if there are so many of you fuckers willing to cheat the system blind??

You know what? Maybe Square-Enix should take a real good look at whether it's even worth it to put out the November update and Shantoto Ascension if it's clear that most endgame linkshells now can no longer kill a fucking bee in Gustaberg.

The word is that the aforementioned creator has been C&D'd -- the real question is going to be whether further legal action (and, if the aforementioned monetary gain is even close to correct, I'd be real hard-pressed to see why they wouldn't) is going to compel the release of what linkshells and players actually gained access to this shit.

Salvage Bans, Round Two, anyone???

Fuck your bots.

Fuck you cheating asses.

Get off the game and don't come back.


Yondaime said...

Oh holy shit. About goddamned time. Uh, where'd you see/find this, so I can see for myself? This might actually be a glimmer of hope for the few people (like myself) who plan on playing endgame stuff legally.

Too little, too late? Maybe. But hopefully SE will run with this ball now and start banhammering the users of FFXIApp. Not like it's hard to find out, pretty sure the creator kept a list of users.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Start here:

From the TTTO if you so desire...

Several appropriate links are in Katarzyna's post there.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Find it interesting: One BG poster basically says that if they got rid of all third-party programs, there would not be *ONE* PC user still playing FFXI at all.

Interesting admission there, dickhead.

Yondaime said...

Yeah, I saw that post... restrained from commenting myself. Wouldn't be as bad as what you may have said, but I think it would've gotten my disdain for that image of PC players as a whole. Thanks for the link, and don't go getting yourself banned on purpose, we need legit players like yourself to help balance out the fucking cheaters that permeate the game.

(Interesting note: I'm sitting here in Dragon's Aery atm with a friend, just watching. Fafnir's due to pop sometime soonish. Time to watch the lack of bots :D)

Volkai said...

"One BG poster basically says that if they got rid of all third-party programs, there would not be *ONE* PC user still playing FFXI at all."

He's wrong.

It's not worth commenting on beyond that.