Thursday, October 29, 2009

Am I the only one really weirded out by something here?

No, not the fact that I finally cracked and decided to order the third add-on like a sucker...


But this preparatory update...

1,700 files or so, and they are basically going ahead and having us download it today, in preparation (and the first part of three, from what I'm reading from other sources!) for the November 9, 2009 update.

I know that the big updates can be an awful bitch to deal with, but I'm really weirded out by the need for a preparatory update.

Makes me wonder if there isn't something huge coming down the line that they aren't telling us. I mean, think: We only know, for the moment, about advancements in the WotG storyline, BST and SMN additions, and Maze Mongers going into the fishing business.

Could this be where WotG gets it's endgame scenario? (Much like Original/Zilart/CoP Dynamis, ToaU Salvage and Einherjar, etc.) Judging by the sheer number of files in even this preparatory situation, I'd have to say that's a real plausible situation.

Hey, if nothing else, it can get people to actually DO WotG quests and missions and I can finally get a Battle of Jeuno group and go forward from there!

Could this be where the game is altered in a fundamental sense to get people to stay around in the storm of RMT and other crap which has nearly felled this game? I mean, think, for example, the EIGHTH different RMT site I've seen advertising on Leviathan has had at least two players with double-digit numbers of letters in their names circling their prospective client list, and one GM call doesn't seem to do them in... Now I'm calling in these fuckers TWICE!

I've heard at least one report saying that a new item system is coming into the game.

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