Monday, October 26, 2009

Incompetence and drama: Two steps closer to out the door for another server...

Yesterday was even less fun than usual.

We had our Sunday Dynamis as usual, and, yesterday, it was our long-awaited return to Ice (Xarcabard).

I knew that, since our LS leader Kiana usually handles about seven things at once, that I should probably try to ensure that I have the pen and paper out to try to help out with who wanted what, how many points were bid, etc.

And it all went fine, until about literally one minute before we were to go in, when Mektar finally bleats out (as lots are finally locked) that he wants to revoke his place for DRG (because I out-bid him AND he didn't want to sit around with a worthless place in line) and jump somebody's place for NIN.

Now, these are 10,000,000-gil pieces here (estimated value by their place as L2 prizes in the last Mog Bonanza).

You can imagine what happens to the person (a long-time LS member) who had that claim. He was going through the roof.

And he had good reason to. We have a rule that. once the glass is broken, it's all-stop on the lot mess. Not only that, but Mektar's declaration not only put him third in line for DRG, but made him ineligible for any 100-piece drops.

And, wouldn't you know it!!! NIN drops. (one of three drops, AND a 100-piece (for which only three members were eligible -- and I'm glad I checked up on that, as several others tried to lot that currency as well).

Well, Mektar decides he's had enough and quits the shell right then and there as I try to CONTINUE TO EXPLAIN TO HIM (and he refuses to listen!) that not only was what he was doing illegal, but he probably wasn't going to beat the NIN bidder anyway -- and then he gets pissed off because there will be no drop for his place in line.



And that wasn't the only drama yesterday. We had some new-to-Ice people basically ragging on one of our thieves (who has a latent effect that he steals better when his HP is yellow or worse) for his less-than-polite (because people refuse to listen to him in any capacity on this matter!) requests not to heal him out of that latent.

So that cow is being had, Mektar is throwing a hissy fit, and yet somehow, we actually break our record and could (if we hadn't wasted so much time dicking around when our mages got wiped) have actually (with about one more extension) taken a shot at the Mega Boss...


And then there's Nyzul Isle.

Another game mechanic that appears to have been beta-tested on relic/mythic-imbued characters.

Well, we have put together several members of our shell for a couple of 1-5 runs.

Needless to say, we got no further, as this happened on our last attempt:

Floor 4: All floor, do not destroy the Archaic Gears.

So why is our WHM basically sitting by the Rune of Release as the rest of us are getting our asses kicked?

Then, Kiana demands the WHM show himself and try to save the last person fighting what probably was the last monster in the zone (ME!) and help cure me, and this guy has his thumb up his ass!!!

Needless to say, for the second time in a week (though the first one last Monday was eventually forgiven), I logged off of a Nyzul Isle farce basically pissed off.

Look, I could go to another server right fucking now. (In fact, probably, after the November fees are paid, that's the plan!) I mean, can't ANYONE breathe in this game without two illegal programs and three bots anymore?

Or is it no fucking fun for you without them?


Anonymous said...

Can't really comment too much about the whole Dynamis situation other than no one needs a person with that poisonous attitude in a teamwork setting. And, dude wasn't following rules; dude can deal with things not going "his way".

But the whole Nyzul Isle "WHM at the Rune of Release" - yeah, your WHM was an idiot, this coming from a WHM in a Nyzul Isle static. *lol*

Cory said...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...


Don't worry, BITCH...

I won't.