Friday, October 16, 2009

You want to know why this shit makes me so upset?

Let's take a RL example of all this, and I'll explain why all the stuff going on with the cheaters and frauds all over FFXI makes me so upset...


Last week, we had yet another shining example of the shitheads at United Package Smashers, breaking a $300 computer case/cooler of my roommate's which she ordered because of some red tape.

Thing comes, the "feet" of the case are literally smashed, and the thing is basically declared a total loss before we even take it out of the plastic.

So, we send it back Monday.

That night, my friend's workplace had a long-time harasser pulling the same -- damn -- shit he's been pulling for years now, trying to get in my friend's workplace to harass her and basically destroy the place. David/Quard -- FUCK OFF!

Tuesday, my criminal trial. Dismissed for lack of prosecution -- the pig who wrote the ticket never showed up. They never had a case anyway.

Tuesday night, the old sound card of my roommate goes. She had a replacement, but it just needed to be set just right so my friend could continue her work.

Wednesday, my Dynamis, cut short by an emergency shift for the roommate at the back end -- and SEVEN people being late up to 45-60 minutes on the front end. AND Veratos and his shit, and I'm still waiting on the GM for that, bitch.

Thursday, we got the next round from United Package Smashers.

We are now seeking criminal recourse, taking UPS to court in the style of Doug Llewllyn before at least one of us takes the law into our own hands.

I have the approximation of a package in my room because we're both sick of looking at it. One side of the box completely fell apart as she was opening it. It appears as if a knife has been taken to two parts of the "seams" between the sides and the bottom and top to weaken the box. One side has had part of the labelling destroyed, and part of that same side appears to have been keyed.

One side is completely compressed in, and, needless to say, it appears as if the contents are a total loss, the bottom of the case (as one example) bent at least a third of an inch. The case is irreparably broken and a total loss. Newegg will have to eat another $300 due to these bitches, and the order has been cancelled, since United Package Shitheads will never allow another package to my roommate without destroying it.

The DA of the county where the shipping center is has been notified. This is SIX times this summer, and we are now both convinced that someone searches out my roommate's packages in the UPS Center in Vernon, California and deliberately destroys them.


So why did I just write all of this?

Because most of the shit that I wrote which had nothing to do with Vana'diel has roots in the stuff which I've been posting about FFXI.

What these people do in the game:

a) does not happen in a vacuum
and b) gives a great indication of who these little shits think they are.

I mean, they're literally been chasing people off of FFXI left, right, and up the center -- an afternoon on Leviathan now appears to have under 1,000 players on it at one time.

(Prime Time US Friday night -- about 1,350 right now (8:24 PM EDT).)

And the more they can damage other people's livelihoods and all that, it's even MORE win for these shitheads than simply their own advancement.

Just like the pigs, just like UPS, just like David...

This keeps up much longer, and people are not going to like the results -- except for those who want rid of us...


Evilpaul said...

Ship stuff from Newegg with FedEx then? I think you can get the cheapest shipping from either company in about the same amount of time and money.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Not in this case.

FedEx would've cost about $100 to ship that case about 60 miles.