Friday, October 30, 2009

My Last Night on Leviathan, Part One

I didn't think I would have to do another one of these posts, but I can't say, given what I have experienced, that I am surprised that I do.

Tonight (Thursday, essentially, though it'll be Friday morning before I get these posted and make the actual World Transfer) was my last night on Leviathan.

I've made several intimations that I was about to leave, but what I saw tonight and the abject lack of support on the part of those enforcing the damn rules (or, probably more correctly now, only stating they are) makes the political timbre impossible for me even to continue to the point where I would be able to even make it to the next billing period on Sunday.

Tanoshii (or, as I probably should've called him, Ton-of-Shit) decided it would be nice to form an Astral Burn Party in the Korroloka Tunnel. He got his puller, at least (by the information I was writing down to report their asses) 5 SMNs, the obligatory COR, and some support staff to basically monopolize the zone.

About 9:30 or so (PM PDT), they pull their first 50 monsters or so. At that point, my message to the Help Desk (as I threatened the bitches with) is put up.

What happens then makes me wonder whose side Square-Enix is actually on...

I get exactly what some of the flamers told me in February: In the eyes of both GM Svaoilfari and Senior GM Enkrateia, this Astral Burn shit is apparently legal!!

And both got an abject earful for even suggesting as such, as well!!

I still maintain that the very act is illegal through zone monopolization, but I really do begin to wonder, now, whether the only rule Square-Enix chooses to enforce is that rule which will give them just enough money to fund their Online Division to the release of FF XIV.

I can only say that, since it now appears that the cheaters are getting the open endorsement of Square-Enix (and let's not forget, also, the Apathy Linkshell on Remora – I haven't forgotten your cheating-ass skullduggery, either!), I can't stay on Leviathan. It would appear that cheating wins on that server too (just like it does on Asura, at least until it is no longer convenient enough for Square-Enix to ignore!), so I'm gone.

The next post I make (probably above this one) will be a statement to the Special Task Force, telling them exactly what I feel about tonight's stupidities.

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