Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No, I didn't get chucked off the face of the planet just yet...


Thanks, Calintzspo -- I guess you needed some more laughter or something...

I was actually going to post something now anyway, but then I was asked where I have been...

1) I decided to take the weekend and go on a little trip to Palmdale to see a friend of mine at a show.

2) The last few days have been a struggle on FFXI -- thank the bastards for letting Bastok be attacked to make it hard to actually Campaign on a non-75...

3) More idiocies:

a) Guy just wins 4 consecutive 6-way lots... Really, the Union system is getting to the point where it's no longer workable because of people compromising the lot system.

b) More Asura Disease -- I swear, if not for Lengendary, I probably WOULD consider relocation, as it sounds like the US players are beginning to overrun Leviathan too.

If I were to see these people RL...


RNG, BST, and SMN get updates this version update... Perhaps FINALLY the two new summons?


Kimiko said...

Could always come to Siren. We're still one of the tamest servers around.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Would've already, if I didn't have a Dynamis LS I was still loyal to.

Calintz said...

Not for laughter or anything. Was worried, in recent weeks I understand where you are coming from about Square-Enix and the video game.

Over a horrible billing fuck up on their end, costing me overdraft fees from the double billings they made a mistake with, reversing the charges and getting banned for it, then having mid month they tried to bill me like 9 dollars as a late fee but quickly reversed that when I called with the effect of two phones on each side my head yelling into them.

I swore off Square-Enix. I sold all the games I had to Gamestop and pre-ordered games like Left 4 Dead 2, Mass effect 2, and Lost Planet 2. I will not be playing FFXIV, ever.

I've had more time now to play my other games I bought long ago too like Blue Dragon, Gears of War 2, etc.

Recently picked up Aion, got collectors edition, hoping to fill the MMO wanting spot in life. Currently staying offline until they fix the WoW equivalent of what they call "Trade Spam" from RMT trying to phish peoples accounts and sell money, as well as harass people until they do buy from them.

And they are doing this without the gift of trial accounts. Costs Money or not, these fuckers just won't die.

I've recently been looking into getting a team together. Who won't be very pleasing in most eyes, who will track these phishing websites, and money sale sites. Then populate the phishing databases with false account names and passwords for them to go through, and dDos attack the sale sites.

Maybe look into getting the same tool they have for spamming us in games and reprogram it to find people with names that were spelled with a head slam of a keyboard (ex. "DGFsadf"). Spam them back. I've always wondered what happens in a capped transfer rate game like FFXI, if a person was to get a organized /tell spam from 50 people at once. Would it overload the virtual memory that FFXI sets up for chat causing a crash?

If law can't get these fuckers cause of country to country laws. I say we take to them personally, short of traveling to there door.

A war is what they started with us, a war is what they should get.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

May I admit that I thought so at first -- that this was simply for the lulz and the like.

But I wanted to comment on some of what you've seen.

I think a lot of people are beginning to see the position that I've been making, at least since the Salvage bans and a lot of the aftermath of all of that.

The fact is that Square-Enix does not want it's current player-base (with the possible exception of the Japanese), for the very reasons I've stated. And what you are experiencing is the offshoot of that.

You're always told that, if a company wants to retain it's customers, it has to act in a certain way.

But what if the company doesn't?

About RMT: I've said it before, and I will say it again: To beat RMT, you must jail RMT. RMT must be physically confronted and destroyed at the source. This is a matter of who actually owns the game (and not just in a theoretical or heuristic sense, either!).

They will not stop because they have functional control over at least FFXI, and probably (it appears) a good shot at nailing Aion as well...