Friday, October 30, 2009

My Last Night on Leviathan, Part Two: A Little Word With the Special Task Force

Starcade, soon-to-be FORMERLY of Leviathan here.

And, to say I am not happy with you and how you guys run what is turning into, more and more, a dead and sham game would be the understatement of the century.


What rules am I supposed to fucking abide by, and what ones can I freaking ignore, because it's too goddamned inconvenient for you, as a company, to actually enforce the rules you put out in your own literature (online and otherwise)??!?!?!?

Just what constitutes “griefing” and monopolization if this Astral Burn Party bullshit doesn't??? These little punk-ass idiots can basically do whatever they want, as long as you get your $12.95 a month to basically grease your skids to release FF XIV (which you can forget about me even THINKING about playing, thank you very little...)??

Why should I abide by any of your goddamned rules if you guys basically only will choose to enforce any of them when it is either convenient or entertaining for you to do so???

And, as I got done telling your Senior GM Enkrateia, when the fuck are you banning Windower? When the fuck are you going to give your legal team a spine and shut down at least eight (and probably more like eight_y_) RMT sites which basically have taken over much of endgame, through one form or another of theft (of your proprietary property, if not of our characters on top of it!)...

Oh, I know what's going to happen... You're probably going to read this, know I transferred worlds, let the billing go through, and then ban me for this profane rant. You know what? You pull that garbage (which, given what you seem to pull, Square-Enix, would not surprise me!), and I can assure you the charge will be reversed. That's why I'm making this letter BEFORE I do the transfer.

This game stopped being fun to me after I saw how much the high-level contingent (which you have so slanted this game towards, it's not even funny!) spits all over the work you've done on it...

I don't play this game to “make friends”, Square-Enix. I pay my $12.95 a month, and I have one expectation: That you will enforce the rules you have written down, and not let these little punk-ass shitheads who have turned this game into little more than a fantastical-playground version of Second Life. If you can't maintain a sufficient player base without the cheaters, SHUT THE DAMN GAME DOWN.

I said it in January, and I say it now.

As it is, I'm World Transferring, because the political climate on Leviathan is a bunch of little cheating punks. I just want to know if it's basically down to that you will only enforce the rules on an arbitrary, capricious, and pseudo-random manner, so I have ZERO CONFIDENCE that you are willing to make the playing field fair and equal, as I told Enkrateia again and again.

Because, if that's the case, you may not want me on Final Fantasy XI, and you definitely DON'T want me on Final Fantasy XIV.

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Volkai said...

From what I can tell the only time SE acts in an FFXI-related manner to anything occuring outside of FFXI is when their lawyers decide to get involved, which is to say when trademarks or copyrights have been infringed upon, or source code posted.