Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's see if this shithead Veratos on Leviathan has any guts...

Might finally be getting at least a temp banhammer today...

Went off on a shithead on Leviathan who seems to want to make Campaign into their own private little playground.

About 7:45 AM PDT or so, I'm in Bastok Markets, in battle (because the jackalopes can't be bothered to actually keep any of the other zones -- all of which we held just two weeks ago (see previous blog gripe)). We're down to basically Di'Dha Adamantfist, or however it's spelled.

So, what happens?? We start getting players running around to deliberately extend the battle, either kiting the big guy or just moving enough to send most players behind it into Diamond Shell Hit-For-0 mode.

So, I tell them to cut it out -- then I call them the assholes they are.

Then this shithead Veratos wants to start on me -- same goddamn idiocy as the Asura Disease on Besieged. He gets both barrels, and says he's going to report me. I /tell him I've already been warned on this kind of stuff, so the next one is probably at least a temp ban.

And, you know what, if Square-Enix wants to let these little shithead jackalopes continue to run over their game, they better ban me from FFXI before I decide to take this well beyond the keyboard.

I said last month, when I got my official warning, that I will NOT respect these players. If Square-Enix wants to see that and decide that they want their money to finance FFXIV more than a respectable game, THEN THEY DO NOT WANT ME ON FFXI -- EVER. I will not respect this player-base. I refuse to. Categorically.

And they certainly will not want me on FFXIV...

You see, it's this simple: My very presence on this game, to them, is (though funny) abusive to them and their goals for FFXI. And I will not stop until banned, period.

Being banned will establish that Square-Enix has no desire to actually make a fair or equitable game, and that will be exposed to outside media.

I mean, is there any secret why the TTTO has been littered, in recent months, with high-profile players departing the game, simply because it's no longer worth it to continue??

I mean, listen to this missive from BluGartr, if you need to know the attitudes which piss me off and make this game essentially unplayable (with a might Fuck You to Fenux):

Just pull mobs far away and solo them. You get more EXP that way and it doesn't really matter is beastmen win or not. Problem is FFXI players are stupid as fuck and campaign is where you interact with them the most. It's probably one of the only events where you do something in mass quantity that doesn't require an LS. That's why everyone's gimp. And we fucking love it.

Again, Fuck You Fenux.

Again, these events are supposed to be cooperative events. But people like you and Veratos have no expectation of such and no real regard for whether the whole WotG side of affairs fails.

I can't play in that environment. That reminds me of the guy who I physically shoved many years ago in an arcade because he just had to put in token after token just so he could beat me.

Oh, he got beat, all right...

I mean, I fully understand why SE is ripping as many resources from XI as quickly as they can to get XIV up to replace it: Most of the American players don't give a shit except for their own entertainment.

But I, unlike most, will not go quietly. If they want that kind of environment, they need me banned -- to-day.

To that end:

Well, it's been an hour and a half, and not even a note from a GM. I'm waiting, asshole....

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