Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick Update, and yet another example of the continual death of FFXI...


RDM 65
DNC 67

Sunday Dynamis: Sandy win.

Wednesday Dynamis: Unable to attend due to various errands/emergencies/stress-outs...

Re-got the Talisman for MKdE for shits and giggles.

Started farming promies again for a few more gil -- see my lotting post for more on why...


And, for yet another example of why FFXI is dead...

Last week's Campaign count (which I now have to wonder if it was a pity-reset on Square-Enix' part) on Leviathan:

6 zones for Sandy, 6 for Bastok, 6 for Windy (this after Windy was down to just Windy itself and getting attacked), 5 for the Beastmen.

This week??


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