Thursday, December 24, 2009

And my letter to the STF on the NASA/App statement:

Well, well, well... You have some real decisions to make. As I said on my blog tonight (yep, Starcade from Siren again...): This is either going to be one big fat Nothingburger, or TSHTF. I am interested in your statement today (12/24) for several reasons: 1) If this guy was forced to give up the information as to who was using these bots, kiss the rest of (at least American) end-game goodbye you didn't take out on January 22nd. 2) If you truly have zero tolerance for third-party, take out Windower. NOW. And that'll pretty much take out a majority (by most surveys, this is not an exaggeration) of FFXI PC players. 3) Why are you not going after these players civilly and criminally? What they have done is at least theft in California, if not also civilly actionable as well. What am I saying here? You guys have some immediate decisions to make, and the first one is whether you just simply take this game down. I actually continue to suggest that you no longer have a fair player-base to keep the game going, and should take down FFXI. Cheating has become necessary (and, to a certain degree (whether you will ever admit it or not) sanctioned) to succeed in FFXI. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. You realize that if you don't ban most of the remaining prominent players, you stand to have FFXIV reverse-engineered and third-partied within days, if not during the Beta Test Phase. I do not envy you, but you let things go far too far. Either slam the door on the cheaters, or shut the game down. No Option Three.

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