Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Ten - #6: Dynamis

Six points on my Dynamis experiences, mostly with Lengendary, in 2009 -- one each for each of the six zones I've played:

1) Sandy. My first Dynamis was in Sandy. My last Leviathan Dynamis was in Sandy. It was one of the easier cities, though not without it's issues -- that pull for the first NM was a bitch! But it was a good zone to get introduced to the whole mess with, and my main memory came from THE very last pull I ever had with Lengendary on Leviathan...

We had won, a few minutes left, and we were doing, IIRC, three pulls of post-win, and, on the last one, BST legs dropped! It was free lot, and I won a two-way to grab that. Two days later, the whole cheating fiasco and I was on Siren.

2) Bastok. Lots of goodness here. Got my first BST piece just before 2009 started, and several wootz ores afterward (still have most of them). A real fun zone, though the small extensions can make time an issue as the Quadavs get significantly harder as the zone goes on!

3) Windurst.

Or, as we all called it: "WHO'S IT GOING TO BE TODAY?"

Kiana's exasperated admission that, most days, some idiot was going to agg the Death House.

And, most days, someone did!

Not the easiest place to get gear, either! Definitely a step up, and perhaps the hardest of the First Four. Mostly that damned Death House, the bane of existence of many a Dynamis run...

Only zone I don't have a 100-piece from yet.

4) Jeuno.

Probably slightly easier than Windy (IMHO), but one of those "you'd better be on your toes" situations... Lots of AoE, lots of NM's, a very cramped opening, and, if you aren't paying attention, the whole run gets paralyzed or an Avatar will Astral Flow you to a wipe...

5) Beaucedine.

The first "advanced" zone, as you need the four previous ones to get to it. Different animal altogether (more running than fighting), and an interesting final boss, which always had time pressures (not from the run, but from the kiting of the four dragons who accompanied Angra Mainyu).

Time nuking was more important here than ever for us, but we never seemed to have many problems with Snow, as long as we had enough attendance to take a shot at winning.

6) Xarcabard.

Ice... was another matter.

Still don't have a Dynamis Lord win yet -- in fact, the closest I've ever gotten was (depending on how you call it) one where Lengendary got all 15 NM's (at the cost of a sanctimonious mage who thought he was the shit and could circumvent all the rules...) or the one Siren run I've done where we did the first three sets of three NM's easily, and then went to farm and basically got screwed up on bad pulls and the Wall of Eyes.

It's fun (and the music rules!), but, at some point, I'd like a little talk with Ying, Yang, and the Dynamis Lord. So would Lumiere...

So, let's see what I have acquired out of Dynamis (including two pieces from 2008):

DRG: 4/5 (all but head)
BST: 3/5 (body, legs, and I think hands)
DNC: 3/5 (head, legs, feet)
COR: 2/5 (head, feet -- both free lot)
MNK: 2/5 (legs, feet)
BRD: 1/5 (feet)

... and, with the exception of a couple of rules questions within the shell and that one asshole in Xarcabard about the NIN gear, we actually had a great and fair system, and hope to find one like that in Siren.

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