Tuesday, December 29, 2009

By Special Request: An Interesting Idea from The Elegant One

I'll get back to the Top Ten later today with a bit of rant vs. Square-Enix.

Before that, I have a little business to take care of, a "demand", as Edwyth put it, in response to my post yesterday.

It got Edwyth to thinking, and we had about a one-hour discussion in-game early this morning. And Edwyth demanded that I post about it, because people do read this blog.

(After reminding Edwyth of the probable reasons why (see yesterday's #4), it didn't matter...)

So we got to the subject of all the cheating and all the stuff going on. I gave my opinions on what I think might happen, and Edwyth came up with an interesting idea, and I hope I didn't forget it with a night of sleep.

Basically, anyone caught cheating would have two options.

They could leave the game, or go to the "Thunderdome Server".

The "Thunderdome Server", if I have Edwyth's understanding correctly, would be a server where "the authorities" would basically turn their backs on all the laws they set. (Kinda like what I think is about to happen in real life in a "Mad Max" scenario.)

You want to bot? Be my guest, but so is everyone else.

Want to use other 3rd Party Programs? Ditto.

Want to basically get it on and argue and the like, using every dirty word in the book?? You get the idea. (Edwyth would want a character on that server just to see the first day of shouts in Whitegate.)

I think I can see the idea -- it would allow the cheaters to actually play the game the way they so choose without (in theory) polluting the game experience of other players.

Certainly, there would be problems: I mean, I think that would be the most populated server by a country mile. I could see deliberate crashes of the server...

But it's an idea that Edwyth wanted me to put out there, so, there it is. Have a look at it. :)


syaradj said...

Not such a bad idea. It sounds sort of like a permutation of what Sony Online Entertainment does with a number of their online games. SOE runs their own RMT-like in-game item purchasing markets for some of their online offerings, and to maintain balance, each game has only one or two servers where these items are allowed.

Heck, if you go all the way and allow all sorts of automation and otherwise illicit activities, SE could monitor these sort of honeypot servers and have a data goldmine to sift through.

Kimiko said...

Can't we just go beyond the thunderdome! =D

Starcade, now from Siren said...

I have to make it clear -- it was Edwyth's idea, and he felt that it would not be read on his blog, but would on mine. Sounds like, at least on the latter, he was right. :)

syaradj: I'm not even sure that's something either of us thought of, but that would be yet ANOTHER reason to go for the idea. They would have a real repository (if they don't have one already) as to exactly what happens (even server-side) when these implements are used.

Hopefully Edwyth reads this and sees the idea is not that bad.

Kimiko: Saw the movie, eh? :)