Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Could there be something positive in those Union chests?

Was there a Ninja update at some point?

I got back into doing Campaign earlier this week and I noticed that, more often than it used to, you could actually get some decent stuff in a solo or low-man Union chest, when it didn't used to be that way.

Now, yes, there is the occasional non-chest or Silk Thread/Silver Ore/Slug Eye chest. But it does seem that, with enough points, you can get some decent stuff, more likely than it used to be...


Evilpaul said...

Items in the chests are from a person in the particular Union striking the killing blow on a mob. What items can drop are based on the type of mob killed (with NMs having the best drops).

I did some Campaign about a month ago and still had the completely horrendous luck with lotting, but didn't see much difference in item quality really. It could have been changed since, of course. I should probably go and do some Campaigning to keep my medal.

I still think people are hacking the damn lotting system. The same guy lots 850+ consistently after several Campaign Battles, what are the odds?

Starcade, now from Siren said...

I understand the mechanics, Paul. The thing is that the person in the Union striking the particular blow all but certainly merits a _chance_ (a probability) that something will land in their Union chest. I think they just upped the chances, especially for low-man situations.

As far as hacking the lot system, would anyone be surprised, especially as important as the lots are to advancement in end-game/high-level situations?

What are the odds? Do the math.