Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This week has sucked rocks

Not only the busted window, but:

-- Now 0/4 on the Mithra Fight in Kupo d'Etat. Got it down to 1%, but the bitch Clamped me before I could Icarus Wing and kill it for our party.

-- And now our Internet is semi-borked, keeping my roommate from working on her projects until Associated Tyranny and Terrible-ness feels like coming out here to fix a shorted-out phone line (when it rains (about twice a year) out here, there's a chance water gets into the phone lines... Now our DSL and phone lines are bleeding together, with predictable results!). My roommate has had these before, and it took her 20 minutes to convince the dorks at "Customer Service" (probably more people in India) what was going on...

-- Went to pick up some groceries for the roommate today. Bus was 20 minutes late, most of the pasta boxes were broken, got 2/3 of the pasta sauce wrong (another run tomorrow), bus home was disrupted by a guy who pushed his way through me off the bus (as I was carrying all my roommate's groceries), got a 10-pence piece instead of a quarter...

-- And this Christmas music is going off like a hypnotic mantra -- "MUST... BUY... EVERYTHING..." Look, I love a great gift just like the next guy, but we've gone far too far on this Christmas-as-shopping crap.


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