Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Ten - #7, as in 75's -- two more of them

Wah... Bah Humbug. This is for Friday. #6 is later today.

I tripled the number of my 75 jobs over the course of 2009, adding Dragoon and Dancer to my Beastmaster, and greatly diversifying my options if a 75 is needed for something.

I guess I first really got into Dragoon as I had just gotten the job in Sandy and went out to Ronfaure and saw just how good having little Lumiere at my side could be. It also, eventually, became the first job I ever max-merited and capped! And just reaming Maat in the solo fight was good to see.

As for Dancer, the role it can play in support (not to mention "death by a thousand cuts") allowed me to use it in any number of support roles, and, eventually, pushed it to 75, and a little talk with Laila is forthcoming.

Also, got /NIN past 37 (farming Ni), RDM to 66, MNK will be 63 before the ball drops. WHM is 40+, and farmed all the Tele-whore scrolls. SMN and SAM are past 30, etc.

So a good year on the levelling end.

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