Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten: #9 - as in Nyzul Isle in all it's "glory"

First, an editorial comment about Real Life:

The next time they send eight fucking police officers (in full regalia) to pound on our apartment complex's apartment doors for "Neighborhood Outreach", I will no longer be living here, because my roommate will be DEAD.

They freaked her out to the point they almost had to shoot her today. She had the bat, and had to be talked out of going out there to bash police officers' heads in.

I know the Constitution is dead and all, and even the officer we were talking to admits this fucking shithole of a city is in about the year 1880 or so...

But it ends for my roommate if they pull that shit again. That's not a threat. That's a promise I don't like to have to deal with. I am fully prepared to go homeless again, but I am here til I am no longer needed.

And, given this: I don't think it's going to be much longer.

And, when that happens, it probably won't be long until I go back "home" again. The one true home I ever really had.


So, what's next on the hit parade for 2009?

Nyzul Isle. Got into it pretty mid- to late-year, as Kiana was trying to get some of us in Lengendary (this was before I left for Siren) into the Nyzul climb, but never really started to climb until I had moved to Siren.

Can't say it's been _that much_ fun, for all the reasons I've talked about here.

You get a good draw, you have a chance.

You don't, and you might as well just count seconds til you die at the hands of a Chariot leader or somesuch...

Not to say the potential rewards aren't there, and I've gotten pretty good at 16-20, and stand at 25 now. It's become my main impetus for getting Assault Rank points (about halfway through PFC right now) as well.

I really wish most of the game dynamics were not play-tested on completely non-realistic character and equipment setups. Nyzul Isle is just another example.

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