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Top Ten - #5 My Third Server -- Five Thoughts on Two Months on Siren

The last one merely about me. The rest are about FFXI in general, from the attitudes of the players, to those of RMT, to those of SE...

Here's a hint for #4: A little secret about me and how my blog is perceived...

So, anyway, as you well know, after a dispute (which still reigns, even with a Senior GM) about Astral Burning and zone monopolization finally put a festering situation past TSHTF-phase, I relocated for the second time, this time from Leviathan to the Besieged Champion of the World, Undefeated Siren.

Here's five thoughts on the last two months.

1) It's clear that I've been able to progress more cleanly (in most respects) than on either of my other two servers.

Two examples:

I was struggling to even get into Nyzul Isle on Leviathan, and, now, two months later, doing more than the occasional 20-run, and my Disc is up to 25. Finally got the Battle of Jeuno done, and helped Kimiko and a couple others get it.

Money-making is also a lot better here too -- Memory-farming is largely uncontested, and Radiants are 2-3 times the price they were on either of the other servers. A generous buyer of Sombers can get me 80-120K.

2) The fact that they are undefeated in Besieged is not lost on them, though some of the problems from other servers creep in, but only from time to time.

I think it's a matter of the culture, but I do see the occasional Asura Disease, but, unlike the other two servers, it doesn't seem like just one person yelling against it. I think this server will lose more than a bit of it's identity the day that the streak finally is ended.

Sadly, I do wonder if this server will end up with the same types of problems Leviathan had -- as time went on in 2009, it was clear that Leviathan was seriously deteriorating, to a state not unlike Asura. I hope that doesn't happen here, but there is the occasional "Fuck Besieged, I'm here to skill up..." or "I'm hiding to extend the Campaign Battle, fuck the Crystal War, the world revolves around my ass..." type.

3) The effects of FFXI's decline (to be discussed later in the list) are fully evident on Siren.

There are definitely times when Whitegate, not unlike other servers, gets way too quiet for one's own good. About 900 on Christmas afternoon (PST), and it's certainly gotten more than quiet at even peak times, as everyone basically holds their breath (for XIV? for the next big banhammer?? What???)...

4) I'm satisfied with the move. Although I had a steady Dynamis LS on Leviathan and don't now, the move was needed.

The fact is, if the game is not going to survive, and the company is turning it's back on the players (in more ways than one), then I could not remain on Leviathan. I'll get to this in much more detail through the entire top four, in many different facets of play, but if the environment is going to be so corrupt that fair play is not even plausible, then it's time to jump servers, if one can be found where it's, at the least, less corrupt.

Leviathan was no longer serving it's purpose, and was growing more corrupt by the day. Not quite as bad as Asura (or we might find out different if the next set of huge banhammers have Leviathan leading the day), but getting there fast, and an eject was needed.

5) Other than a few fewer cases of Asura Disease, what could be improved on Siren?

-- A few more people trying to progress in WotG missions, though, from the Census, that seems game-wide.

-- More people basically taking the Asura Disease-rs and sending them off to Asura, where the fuckers belong.

-- Not too many personal goals, maybe a couple more 75's before the game completely dies out, but the time frame involved puts that into question. Maybe Sky or Sea, but I think those who are in those zones don't want more people in those zones... :)

Anyway, til tomorrow...

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