Thursday, June 14, 2012

Could today's hangups be a wakeup call for Square-Enix?

I've never seen it this bad.

It's 11:45 AM, I think the game has been up for seven or eight hours, and my update is completely stuck -- I'm not even getting POL-1160.  There have been at least three congestion advisories, and it does not sound as if the congestion is getting any easier.

I've downloaded about half the update or so this morning in several attempts since POL came back up.

One has to wonder one of two things:


The POL/Japan-server updates broke something unexpectedly.


The fact that the maintenance ended during JP prime-time might be an indication of just how few "other" (foreign -- outside Japan/RMT-China) players there are out there anymore.

Silliest part of this is that this update is really only upgrading Limbus and Einherjar to 99 and a few Voidwatch tweaks and a couple other things.

That's worth 1500 files?  Oh boy...

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