Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, I at least got the jerk to admit that he feels he owns the place, wrong as he is about that...

After the announcement of the elimination of the EU/NA portion of the Nomad Mog Bonanza and the end of the Mog Bonanza events after next weekend, I decided to ask a GM about the player casinos which are run from time to time, thinking that there was no way that, given this decision, they could be.

The GM's, predictably, sent me a note saying that, as things stood, they were legal.

That's nonsensical, not only on a "who owns the material?" sense, but also in a legal one.  If the entity which owns the material (Square-Enix) cannot hold a game (for free) associated with VanaFest 2012 to give away gil and items without running afoul of gambling laws in the US, EU, and North America, how could the players (who own nothing) -- given those laws -- be allowed to run similar (and less fairly run) events?

Oh, and I'll continue to snitch on you cheating motherfuckers (for the record, I only asked about it's legality -- never gave the name of the guy who was running it, because he, by the GM's, was doing nothing wrong) until someone puts a RL cap in my ass.

You don't want me snitching?  Then the little gangs had better make it real and keep it there.

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