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VanaFest 2012 Rolling Commenting Blog Thingy: Day One

2300 PDT:  Your "Special Guest" is ELMER THE FUCKING POINTY?

Let me expand on my Twitter comment:  WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, NA COMMUNITY TEAM?  Is "community" so important to your vision of an MMORPG that it subsumes legitimate play?

2140 PDT:  Additional points post-costume contest:

Watch the trailer on the English site closely!   There are NUMEROUS hidden clues to additional content in the expansion.

The NA Community Team has stated this is a DISC expansion.  And, according to the trailer:  NO PS2 SUPPORT to this, at least in the English language.

2100 PDT:  English-stream recap of Secrets of Adoulin panel 1:

I have a gut feeling that this is your 99 expansion.  You're going to have traps, perhaps environmental enfeebles, you'll be blocked by rocks and by trees...  Very interesting.

New game mechanic:  "Reclaim the Lands".

Basically, the idea is that it's too dangerous to venture outside the one town, so you basically have to build/rebuild the entire mechanism you've taken for granted in the East and Middle Lands:

Pioneering is where you have to overcome the environmental dangers, destroy blockages, gather rudimentary materials, and build the outposts you see in other areas of Vana'diel.

Exploration is basically looking into caves and monster lairs, gaining statue segments, and a concept that almost appears to me as if it comes out of Final Fantasy VIII's Draw system:  Receiving Mysterious Powers from places. 

Sounds like the main baddies are going to be seven in number, and will be in monster lairs which can, in and of themselves, be destroyed and reclaimed for the residents of Adoulin and Vanadiel.  Actually defeating the giant monster might kick off a Campaign/Besieged situation, except the players are the offensive!

Six new guild-like concepts will aid the players, exclusively in the Far West.

Information, Exploration, Transportation, Workshop, Security, and Amusement.

Each guild will give benefits to the players (items, powers, movement ability, safety, etc.) as they are advanced in the Far West.

Then, the last 10 minutes or so of the half-hour English recap was on the new job announced today, Geomancer.

It is, IMHO, the opposite of Dancer.  GEO basically supports the party while attack foes with forms of elemental magic.

One of the main concepts is the newly-based "Sphere" concept on some current armor pieces.  Now, a GEO can basically take and put one around themselves for any basic enfeebling or enhancing magic, or, with the use of an artifact called a Luopan, can place the center of that "Sphere" around a spot.

Also, there's the concept of "polarity", in which being in different positions around a "Sphere" can create different benefits.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  Not my speed.

It now, also, appears as if NO NEW MATERAL other than Secrets of Adoulin is coming out here.  They announced more looks into some of the mechanics of SoA, and a SECOND NEW JOB for tomorrow's panel.  This isn't even really "The Dev Team", it's the SoA team.

2000 PDT:  Concert.  English stream to recap Secrets of Adoulin panel in 30 minutes.

 1900 PDT:  Dev Team Time!!

Starts with a trailer!  "A remote land lush with treasure and triumph..."


Seekers of Adoulin isn't coming out until 2013!!  *GROAN*

Square-Enix, you got enough server population to keep the game going that long?  I don't think so, especially with the BG bitch brigade almost running the NA side!

According to the Twitter (1915):  There will be new jobs in Seekers of Adoulin.

(1931):  Geomancer has been confirmed as a new job in Seekers of Adoulin.

They essentially went over geography, concept art of some new monsters, and then some things about Geomancer.

But, again...  2013, in the current state of the game???  *yawn*

My read on Geomancer:  Kinda Dancer in reverse.  Highly elemental magic and back-line based.  Almost needs to be part of a party.  Ugh.

1845 PDT:  Fusionx from Pet Food Cheater remembers me, even incognito.  Bye, bitch!!

Heroine's Tower:  One of each of the original six jobs.  Level 99.  Subjobs, as standard for these types of things, are disabled.

First opponent appears to be Lion of the Zilart expansion.

15 minutes to kill her.

Each opponent will have a Nyzul-like Rune of Transfer which will activate upon defeat.

"A" group appears to be having lots of trouble.  "B" group already defeated Lion.

"A" group has wiped to the first opponent.

Don't think they ever went to a second before they cut that at 1830.  At 1900, the Dev Team comes on, and...  Oh boy...

1750 PDT:  Opening remarks finished.  In 10 minutes, Heroine's Tower!

1745 PDT:  Hints being laid on the English stream that the first Dev Team panel (at 1900) will be huge.  Probably Seekers of Aldouin announcement, plus more?

1733 PDT:  Introductory remarks.  Tenaka?

1730 PDT:  SHOW TIME!  I won't lie -- hearing about this event is one of the reasons I came back, so it's time to start finding out what's going to happen here.

1710 PDT:  So THAT is where the Mog Satchel goes...  I've been playing with a bag on my ass all this time and never knew it!  (They just showed probably what each attendee is getting -- looks like a Mog Satchel.)

1657 PDT:  Some early action on the JP stream, showing off a new wallscroll featuring Phoenix.  Could this be another new avatar to go with Cait Sith?

1640 PDT:  A Campaign-battle farmer's work is never done.  More Quadav die at my blades.  Show starts in about 50 minutes.

1500 PDT:  OK, let's start the blog.  I'll update this throughout the day and evening vis-a-vis the developments in Yokohama.  Updates will be as and when information comes out, and if I'm on.  May be called off later tonight, but nothing is scheduled, at this time, to keep me off the Net.

Stream starts at 5:30 PM PDT.

New battlefield (probably Heroine's Tower) at 6.

Dev Team at 7.

Music at 8.  English-language Dev Team review at 8:30.

Cosplay at 9.  Special English-language guest at 10.

Kumi Tanioka later tonight.

Couple of thoughts:
  • In game now, levelling my THF in Campaign and farming Voiddusts for the 0/700 suckers to continue to try.  Sounds like Eblan finally got his body, methinks.
  • FFXI for Vita is being discussed as a prediction.  I can see it with the Japanese penchant for "transfarring" (both playing at a space and taking the game with you on something like a Vita, and progressing both manners), but the memory cards and downloads would be stupid expensive!
  • My Dragoon is going to love the new expansion!  Just saying!

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