Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Oh Shit Part 1.5

A couple comments to the announcement of the death of the Mog Bonanza for non-JP players:

If there is a law against the Mog Bonanza, then why is there not an immediate ban on the in-game game tables (as several players have already noted on the Official Forums) and ESPECIALLY the player-run casinos which pop up from time to time...

It's clear that the amount of money involved in the former is miniscule (does anyone actually PLAY the in-game tables anymore?  ANYONE?), but it would now be clear that, if the people owning the game cannot offer items and/or gil legally in a lottery-like setup, would these laws now make the casinos not only violations of the Terms of Service, but also similarly-illegal constructs under those very same laws?

Ah yes, the good old Law of Unintended Consequences....


I've now seen at least two people who actually are thinking that an end-date for FFXI is going to be announced at VanaFest 2012.

I can't think Square-Enix wants to keep FFXI around much longer in the face of dividing resources between that and the farcical FFXIV, but they need to keep the money coming in.

One has to wonder, though, if a definitive end-date where either XIV supports the MMO division or they take both games down has been determined...


Oh, and, Kuishen (#2305):

I'm not the only one who believes that several different game mechanics were put into the game to detect cheating.  And thank you for completely missing the point, idiot:  I said POIDH on it.  Your words, especially in the forum you put them in, mean nothing to me.

Show me it can be done without any cheat devices or STFU and HAND.

Do the math:  Can you feasibly clear a floor in 90 seconds in Neo-Nyzul without regard to what kind of floor it is and do it an average of 20 times without cheating?

Seriously??  You honestly believe it?

I'm not even saying "luck" -- I'm saying it basically cannot be physically done.

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