Friday, June 22, 2012

VanaFest "Announcement" #1: Trademark Found to Confirm Expansion

Seekers of Adoulin.  We're going west.

Already discussion on new jobs and the like.  Here's the thing:  This expansion has to come out Real Damn Soon Now.  Maybe a month or two.  They need to get the money from the expansion to do a lot of the stuff they want to do with XIV -- it's probably the only reason we're getting the expansion.

I really don't think they ever planned to go beyond Wings of the Goddess, but the reality of XIV being such an utter fucking dud has changed their plans.

We go live in about sixteen hours.  A rolling blog post will be kept.

ON EDIT:  I believe we have our fifth Heroine for the Tower:  Achtelle.  She's a Dragoon, with her pet Bravo -- a freelance in the Wings of the Goddess Crystal War.

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