Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Thoughts on VanaFest 2012...

Well...  Though I still think the show itself long on sizzle and short on actual substance, that last bombshell was a game-changer.

I've seen a number of people on a number of forums actually say they resubscribed not due to Seekers of Adoulin, but to the announcement that Tanaka was retiring for health reasons!

And it does sound like it's health reasons.  He was talking about an "incurable disease", apparently, in one Japanese interview, and other sources state it may well be eye cancer.

And, of course, the Golden Gobbiebag giveaway is basically in tune with a survey that will be distributed, post-Vanafest (and probably tomorrow), through to users of the game.  So that will probably be the first chance for the new director to get immediate feedback.

Some random thoughts.

Seekers of Adoulin:
  • I truly do not believe they really planned another expansion for this game until they realized how much of a public-relations and economic disaster Final Fantasy XIV has become for the company.  Now, three-plus years after Square-Enix said the company had to move forward from FFXI, they finally decide to put out a fifth expansion.  Hmmm...
  • And 2013...  I can understand a small bump in (re-)subscription, but, with the expansion 6-18 months away, only a very small one, at this time.  My question stands:  How do you intend not to have a bunch of people de-subscribe over this summer and decide not to pay in to your company (denying your MMO division vital funds for not only Seekers of Adoulin, but also for FFXIV 2.0) until just a few short weeks or months before Seekers comes out?
  • Geomancer:  Might actually subjob this one with Rune Lancer as the main (RUN/GEO?), but this seems a bit too much support/backline for me.
  • Rune Lancer:  I have officially wasted 95 levels on Red Mage.  They pretty much killed the job.  I think this is what they really wanted Red Mage to be on a more concrete level, but needed the "Sphere" effects (note that both jobs appear to rely on the same type of mechanic that the "Sphere" mechanic on some of the recently-new armor has put into the game) to be able to pull off.
  • Reclaim the Lands:  I see massive cock-blockery on this one.  Since much of the new continent is completely unexplored, players will need to build (and almost-certainly maintain) outposts and other mechanisms the players took for granted in the Middle and Near-Eastern Lands.  With also the possibility of environmental blockages (or even environmental enfeebling) in play, one would have to wonder if a group of elitist fucktards would not openly take every step conceivable to ensure that they (and only they and whomever pays them) get to enjoy the content, with everyone else trying to bang on trees and the like while poisoned and paralyzed, with no Outposts to teleport to and the like.
  • Instanced Dungeon:  See ya, Moblin Maze Mongers.  Wouldn't wanna be ya.  Especially if you can scale the difficulty down to a single-player dungeon...
  • Monster-Player:  No.  Just...  no.  New form of PvP?  No.  See ya.
  • Monster Lairs:  Could be very interesting to see the benefits of actually claiming these for "our side" of the equation.  Perhaps Besieged-in-reverse?
Other stuff:
  • Not that much stuff to tide us over, sadly.  Two of the new 2-hours were revealed:  WAR gets a Formless Strikes and MNK gets what I will call Absolute Counter -- Counter all auto-attacks.  
  • Possibly the one thing for me would be if they do allow us to merit Call Wyvern recasts downward a bit.
  • Several other job adjustments as well.
  • FFXI not on Vita. 
  • No word on Free-to-Play, so that's probably off the table. 
  • No word on server mergers.
  • UI probably getting looked at closer to the Seekers release.
  • Nobuo Uematsu appeared to rock it with his new band.  Will miss The Black Mages, though.
  • The jazz band they had was great -- the sexy and leggy violinist, even better!
And then, the shock announcement at the end.

Let's just hope this doesn't mean that the Community Team here takes their BG dick-stroking over to the JP Dev Team and try to talk them into certain things.

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